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I like Trevor McFurr..... am I crazy?

Posted: Sun Feb 13, 2011 8:00 am
by Anth
I honestly like Trevor McFurr in the Crescent Galaxy. There.... I admitted it..

I know that it's widely considered to be one of the worst Jaguar games. Yet, for me, I find it strangely tolerable. Sure, it's not a high-quality horizontal shooter by any stretch, but the colors just look so freaking amazing on a nice RGB display. I mean, the colors really, really pop with Trevor McFurr.

The gameplay, while frustrating, isn't the worst I've ever experienced. I can't seem to get too far into the game, but I always enjoy getting to the blue level with those silver babies.

Posted: Sun Feb 13, 2011 8:18 am
by 3DOKid

I like it too, and I think it's the art work. It's hypnotic. It's one of those games that for me at least is nearly pure nostalgia. It's almost like all of 1993 in single cart.

Posted: Sun Feb 13, 2011 8:30 am
by 3DOKid
Playing now :) :)

Posted: Sun Feb 13, 2011 8:47 am
by 3DO Experience
Widely considered to be one of the worst? But it's a great game. Have these people never looked at this beauty???? Not to mention it's a good shooter. Damn it where the hell are my carts?!?!?!

Posted: Sun Feb 13, 2011 5:53 pm
by Trev
Yes, where are your carts? :wink:

I've always wanted to play Trevor McFur. Besides having the most awesome name in the histroy of video games 8) I always thought it was quite a good looking game. The lack of a soundtrack though (unlike Cybermorph) does not work in this games favor (at least from what I've seen)

Posted: Sun Feb 13, 2011 8:02 pm
by Anth
3DOKid wrote:Yes.

I like it too, and I think it's the art work. It's hypnotic. It's one of those games that for me at least is nearly pure nostalgia. It's almost like all of 1993 in single cart.

Yeah, no question. It does take me back to late 1993. I got a Jaguar at launch along with Trevor McFurr and Raiden. (I might have bought Raiden a month later, can't remember). I definitely remember getting Trevor McFurr at launch, and I played the crap out of it and Cybermorph. I also played a bunch of Raiden when I got that.

It definitely takes me back to that time in late 1993.

Now, I just need to find a loose Raiden cart for a decent price, along with a working Jaguar, and I can experience late 1993 all over again, lol.

Posted: Mon Feb 14, 2011 5:39 pm
by Austin
I don't think it's terrible.. that's not to say I think it's fantastic, though.. The gameplay is bland compared to other shooters of the day, the stages are repetitive and the visuals are inconsistent (you have really beautiful backdrops, but then some poorly drawn/animated enemies that often stick out like a sore thumb). Probably my biggest gripe though is that THERE'S NO MUSIC. Gah!!

I do think it's bashed more than it deserves, and I admit I enjoy it (slightly) when I play it. Enough to actually finish it, anyway (it DOES pick up in difficulty, so it at least offers a challenge). I still wouldn't recommend it to anybody though. :P

Posted: Sat Mar 26, 2011 4:56 pm
by Edi (FZ2D)
This game is a Shooter Horizontal Scrolling. :)
I did not know this game but when I saw a video on You Tube really enjoyed it.
I love games of this style. when buying my Atari Jaguar'll make a point of having this game in my collection! :wink:

Posted: Tue Mar 29, 2011 12:41 am
by T2KFreeker
Trevor McFur is nowhere close to the worst game on the Jaguar. That has to go to either Checkered Flag or Double Dragon V. As for the way the enemies seem to look out of place, they used quite a few of the same enemies that were used in the game that came before it. Yup, it's the sequel to the Lynx classic "Gates of Zendocon". Bet you didn't know that, did ya'? 8) By the way, Trevor McFur in the Crescent Galaxy rocks!