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All general 3DO chat here please.

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Post by BryWI » Fri Feb 27, 2009 12:22 am

wow that stinks. :(

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Post by jesus 666 » Sun Aug 09, 2009 9:33 pm

Just thought I'd add that the 3DO version of Street Fighter II was based on the final original revision (there was actually another much later anniversay revision released in 2003)

It was the only console port of the final version for the time period (collections released on PS1 weren't for another two years), so the gameplay in the 3DO version was the most up to date out of all those console ports and should be the only one with super combo gauges.

Therefore the 3DO version has -

+ Best colour depth
+ Best detail
+ Best sound
+ Best/most up to date gameplay

- Missing parallax
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Post by 3DOKid » Sun Aug 09, 2009 10:05 pm

Mate, as the world stands today, the Atari Jaguar and the 3DO could have produced pixel perfect arcade conversions of every game on earth. The world would still be cluttered by endless sega/nintendo fanboys arguing to the contrary.

I went on to a forum recently and asked about a game on the playstation 1, the question was completely flat, it didn't stop a bunch of bigots turning into a fanboy rant about the Saturn.

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Post by KevInCal » Mon Aug 10, 2009 4:25 pm

I also noticed in Dahlsim's stage (3DO version), the elephants don't move or make any noise. I was used to the Genesis SFII: CE where they did.

BUT, other than that the 3DO version is easily better overall than the 16-bit versions. I also don't have any problems using the original 3DO 3- button controller, and my d-pad is even sticky (down and right stick down sometimes). Here's a video I made using my new capture card. I used an AV cable and any skipping you see or hear is from me not using the right recording settings. ;) Also I had to record in 320 X 240 cus my PC isn't fast enough to record in 640 X 480, so YouTube upscales my videos from 320 to 640, so some image quality is lost. Still looks good though.

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Post by NeoGeoNinja » Wed Apr 17, 2013 8:13 pm

this is a discussion of old that I really want to put my 0.2c into!

Basically, there is no discussion, to be honest. The 3DO version and any other home console ports up UNTIL that point didn't compare to the 3DO version.

Quite simply because, apart from the lack of parallax scrolling and animated background, the actual gameplay, sprite detail, frames of animation and overall gameplay were (pretty much) Arcade Perfect.

Play the SNES versions of any SFII iteration and then compare them with the Arcade counterparts, and by comparison, they fall completely flat on their face. I will however say, that they were very faithful versions and as a kid, I truly saw no difference between playing at the arcade and at home (I would've been 10/11).

But Super X on 3DO just, quite literally, pissed on every other console version of SFII to date when it released. Not only because of it's quest for near arcade perfection (quite truthfully, sacrificing the superficialities in favour of gameplay/animation etc) but because it was the Super Turbo edition - which to this day, is still the ultimate version of SFII to date (not including that horrific Udon redrawn newfangled shit on DLC).

This pissed on them all, right up until Capcom finally released it via Capcom Generations 5 and Street Fighter Collection for Saturn & PS1 nearly FOUR YEARS later.

No shit. Best home console release version up until that point. Doesn't matter how good SF2CE was on PCE CD etc, we're talking about Super Turbo here. I can't find an analogy, but it's just basically stating that an earlier, primitive version of SF2 is somehow better than it's most up to date, and extremely accurate counterpart.

Seriously: 3DO Super SF2X is where it was at outside of the arcade, right up until the PS1 & SAT versions arrived, and arguably, it wasn't perfected anyway until the DC version arrived in 2000(ish) - upon which it improved on the arcade release AND the HDRemix was built of the DC version too...

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Post by T2KFreeker » Wed Apr 17, 2013 9:15 pm

NeoGeoNinja wrote:This pissed on them all, right up until Capcom finally released it via Capcom Generations 5 and Street Fighter Collection for Saturn & PS1 nearly FOUR YEARS later.
Dude, even as nice as the Playstation and Saturn ports were, the Soundtrack for the 3DO version is still amazing. I don't think that I have heard a Street Fighter II port ever that has performed from an audio standpoint. I know that some people seem to complain about the music streaming off of the disc slowing down the load times, but I still think it's worth it for the super clean audio. AND, keeping the load times in mi9nd, I seem to think that Super Street Fighter II Turbo loads faster on the 3DO than it does on the Playstation, making that argument a moot point.
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