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it's an awesome game , probably my favorite 3do game . it has an excellent story and the graphics aren't bad for it's time . the sounds and music are pretty good too (plus i dig any game that lets you use a tommy gun since i own one in real life and it's cheaper to shoot imaginary bullets than 45's) the opening level is a maze but it's not hard to get thru . the rest of it takes place inside a mansion (or under the mansion in some parts) . there's a good walk thru in my 3do book , i'll have to scan it sometime . but if you just wanna run thru it and kill stuff you can always turn the cheats on .

when it asks you to enter your name put in (don't forget the period)


the name spot will go blank again and you can enter numbers and letters that will give you weapons , keys , tess's vases , and set your location . just to make it easy this code that you enter as a name will give you :

a starting location at the front door of the mansion , god mode , dual pistols , shotgun , tommy gun , and a flame thrower , and keys 0-8 (it may let you get keys 0-9 i can't remember how many spots you get in the name blank) but you need to put this in as the name (periods included)



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