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Put 2 a test

Post by elitegamer » Sun Jan 29, 2012 12:39 am

I don't men to be a walking, shat spitting arse getting folks all in a hissey fit (upset), but I been playing some fighters here recently: WOTW (of course), SSF turbo (genesis Ed & 3do) and MK 2 genesis. Here are results:

1. WOTW • (11-63) Kull destroyed/ played as dragon.
2. SSFT 2 Turbo• 25 matches to defeat M. Bison (3do) 'Ryu'
3. SSFT 2 T(genesis) 25 matches 'Ryu'
4. Primal R (almost forgot) 15 matches 'Sauron' the man eater with loyal tribal followers: plot-trash/ fmv-trash/ graphics- not close to the arcade and surely not on the level of the Way. Actually makes it look better at least imo.

I've mainly only ever played the first as its "my" personal fav. Anyway all games played on default settings. No codes or cheats were used and I only had to pull up a moves list for the Way. All the others were merely pass through with experimentation and button mashing. Of all the games SSF2 (3DO) came close to competitiveness and fun of my personal fav and really is excellent game just not my preference.

Basically I've posted this not as a challenge but rather to say, which game takes minimal skill and button mashing? In my experiment those would be the SSF's and PR. MK 2 & the Way takes skills to beat. I know I forgot to list MK, but I didn't beat Shang yet, gotta practice a bit you know. Plus the game play is 16 bits, so I wasn't that excited. Oh yeah played some Fatual Fury to on Genesis now that games just "hurrible".

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