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Crash n Burn codes or unlockables?

Posted: Fri May 03, 2013 7:30 pm
by dark
I recently beat Crash n Burn tournament mode for the first time on an emulator. It was cool to see the extra cars you can buy in the black market, and to race on the 6th circuit (there are only 5 available in the single play mode).

After beating the game, I noticed that none of this stuff - extra cars or the 6th circuit was selectable in the single play mode. I feel like I already know the answer - but is there any way to play as the black market cars or on the 6th circuit tracks outside of playing a full tournament mode game to its late stages and getting lucky with the black market guy's offers?

Posted: Tue May 07, 2013 2:08 pm
by klogg
I did not have tested this, but here are some codes I found on the website 3dotoday for the game, which must be used along with the GameGuru. I hope it's useful.

The code to switch cars (all of them) is at the end of the list:

Crash n' Burn

Car Upgrades
Nuke Missle (1 Shot

All Basic Options

Cloaking Device

Dragon Laser

Particle Gun (slow shot, heavy dammage)

Dragon Cannon

Well over 16.7 million

Too Fuckin' Much Money

Switch Drivers
(these are ideal if you just want to see the
unimpressive endings for each driver, but hell,
enjoy anyway)

Drugar : LWXCLXF
Tasman Twix : KVXCLXF
Max Amilion : JUXCLXF
Rocker : HSXCLXF

Switch Cars
(play as one driver, with anothers car, or choose from the 3 hidden
cars. These are classified by the cars names, not the drivers there of.
good luck)

Hammerhead : QXXGLXF
Vortex : PWXGLXF
Caretaker : OVXGLXF
Assassin : NUXGLXF
Sniper : MTXGLXF
Flatliner : LSXGLXF
Grim Reaper : ZMXGLXF
Backlash : YLXGLXF
The Dragon : XKXGLXF