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Help! EBAY Problem 3DO Testing Station System

Posted: Tue Aug 12, 2014 2:34 am
by KevInCal
Ya so I had this 3DO testing station system and games that I sold on ebay. The system worked perfectly fine for me. I package it well and shipped it Priority. The guy got the system today and here is what he says and the pictures he shows me.

"so the 3do arrived today. I was very excited...however once I powered it up, it just keeps flashing "abort abort abort" then turns itself off. I really hope you jave a solution to this..thanks"

"here is the top message"

"here is another message that just popped up...let me know what you think. if you are unsure how to fix this rhen I will need to send it back to you."

"I will keep messing with it...but you saw the messages I was getting. it arrived less than half an hr ago. I Immediately unboxed it, plugged it in and this is what I got. I tried one of the golf games and samari showdown."

"it just keeps blinking these messages and then turning itself off..this really sucks cause since I ordered it from you I have been buying up games. I have about 20 of them on the way.."

PS - I packaged it very well, no real chance it was damaged in shipping. sent priority too. check pictures. Need opinions and knowledge, thanks.

PPS - I tried to sell this months back and had pictures showing it worked. Link here: ... RK:MESE:IT

I decided not to sell it, but then recently decided to try and sell it again, link here. no pictures this time showing it working..... ... 1036800696