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The Daedalus Encounter

Posted: Sun Apr 05, 2015 11:20 pm
by Martin III
Just got this today in beautiful shape. Complete in box, still wrapped in the seal with the hang tab, though the seal was open at the top to allow the box's contents to be removed. The box has such a beautiful new sheen to it that you'd think it was a brand new DVD. I'm not bothered much about the condition of a game's packaging, but at this moment it serves as a nice reminder that the overwhelming majority of online sellers are honest.

I love my interactive movies, so I popped this one in today and made it well into Disc Two in a single sitting. Most folks seem unenthused with this one, so I was pleasantly surprised. It's really a quality science fiction adventure story, nice and fast-paced and pretty well-grounded in realism, without resorting to muddy technological concepts to make up for a lack of ingenuity. The characters are likable and the actors do a good job of keeping the two-character dynamic lively. The gameplay interface makes a refreshing change from the FMV standbys of rail shooting, point-and-click, and QTEs.

And I really, really like the Math-based puzzles. They're a little easy so far, but not too easy, and I'm playing on Medium difficulty so hey, there's some replay value. I especially liked the pentagrams puzzle. Classic fun.

Re: The Daedalus Encounter

Posted: Mon Apr 06, 2015 1:09 pm
by Dr.Enceladus
One of my fav 3DO games. Myself and a friend played it most the way through but got stuck on the "Hex map" path between the sun and moon/planet. :cry:

Fortunately the whole game has been uploaded to boobtube albeit the PC version so i got to see the ending.

I lol'd the ref to the aliens movie..."no one goes to LV426!" :lol:

Re: The Daedalus Encounter

Posted: Tue Apr 07, 2015 8:44 pm
by Martin III
I'm already on the final disc! Though I'm a bit stuck on the seven panels. Obviously it's a Rosetta Stone of some sorts, but what sort of message am I supposed to create, and more importantly, where am I supposed to input it? I thought that once I'd analyzed all 14 pictures it would take me to the next step, but instead I'm left here with nothing more to do. Think I'll have to take a peak at a walkthrough just this once, as I've tried absolutely everything.

A shame that the plot's slowed to a halt; you could have skipped over the past disc-and-a-half worth of the game without knowing you'd missed anything. At least the banter between Ari and Zack is still good.

Is there any sort of story branching or multiple endings in this game? The scene select feature (which I love, by the way) would, I think, preclude any branching, but a couple of sequences seem very clearly optional.

Re: The Daedalus Encounter

Posted: Wed Apr 08, 2015 11:10 am
by Dr.Enceladus
yeah, we got stuck on that we cheated! Just wait till you get to the darn "hex map" bit right at the end. At first me and my buddy stuck small stickers on the screen each time we got further (as well as drawing a manual map) but in the end...we cheated on that bit too. :P
Not sure, about multiple endings on the 3DO version but there was one on the PC. When i get some time im just going to DL the four part PC movie posted on boobtube and join them altogether in one big avi file.