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Jieitai World (Global Defense) & Jiei shōbō katsudō no gakushū

Posted: Sat Sep 01, 2018 6:36 pm
by goldenband
Found myself curious about two not-for-resale releases that seem to be very poorly documented on the Japanese web, let alone the English one:

Jieitai World (自衛隊ワールド) aka Global Defense aka SDF World (Japan Vistec Inc.; JV-SP9501)

Jiei shōbō katsudō no gakushū (自衛消防活動の学習) aka 3DO TES (3DO Training Educational System) aka "Learn about self-defense firefighting" (?) (TG Information Network, Ltd. and/or Panasonic; TGI-MM01)

Global Defense/Jieitai World gets described on this site as a "strategy" game, but without playing it and judging from the screenshots, it looks more likely to be an edutainment/informational game about the Japan Self-Defense Forces. Is that correct? The "global defense" English title looks weird to me -- shouldn't it really be "SDF World"? Unless "Global Defense" is actually on the CD case, of course.

Meanwhile Jiei shōbō katsudō no gakushū often gets called "3DO TES", but to me that doesn't look like the game's title, just its category or series (like Simple 1500, Sega Club, etc.). From the subject matter, the few screenshots I've found, and what I can glean from this Japanese site, it appears this is an edutainment/informational title about firefighting in Japan -- is that correct?

Does Jiei shōbō katsudō no gakushū -- which BTW isn't mentioned in nixzero's otherwise-excellent list -- have any relationship with Jieitai World, or is the shared kanji just coincidental?

Re: Jieitai World (Global Defense) & Jiei shōbō katsudō no gakushū

Posted: Fri Nov 16, 2018 2:33 pm
by jpantarotto
There is in fact very little information about those games. I don't they are related, Jieitai World is very rare game created by Japanese army (Bouei-chou). Another game created by the Japanese state was Wakusei Aton Gaiden for FDS.

Re: Jieitai World (Global Defense) & Jiei shōbō katsudō no gakushū

Posted: Wed Nov 28, 2018 11:41 pm
by goldenband
Thanks, jpantarotto. I should probably just play them (can't remember if I have both) and see how much I can figure out -- which probably won't be much! :D