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How to unlock the extras in D Director's Cut

Posted: Sat Apr 06, 2019 3:17 pm
by Silanda
As some of you may know, Disc A of D - Director's Cut contains two options that are inaccessible by default. It's been posted how to glitch into them, but I haven't seen anywhere in English how to properly unlock them. Here's how:

"D" Goes Overseas: You will need the original Japanese version of D to unlock this. There's a piece of red plastic inside the front cover of the game. If you completely disassemble to case, you'll find that there are also some letters underneath the rear CD. If you take that piece of red plastic and put it over the letters it will reveal a code: LRRLABBACCB. What you need to do is complete the game and find all four insects. On the final "The End" screen with the Japanese text, enter LRRLABBACCB on the pad (L and R are the left and right bumper buttons, not left and right on the d-pad). It will then ask you to press the play button to create a save, so do that!

Best Scene of "D": The solution to this is found on the rear side of the back cover of the Director's Cut case: Laura. LA UP RA. Play through the Director's Cut version of the game, again finding all four insects. At the The End scene enter LA UP RA and again the game will ask you to press play to save.