Plumbers don't wear ties.

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Plumbers don't wear ties worst game ever?

Yes it was. I don't like women.
Blondes in suspenders for the Win. BC racer was the worst!
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Post by 3DOSmacker » Thu Nov 20, 2008 1:43 pm

mattyg, you make a good point. They teased you and enticed you with promises of greatness, and delivered you a swift kick to the groin instead. You had reasonable expectations, and they used them to crush you like an instect.

I had a similar 3DO experience. It wasn't the same because I had no previous version to compare it to, but it was probably pretty close to as disappointing. Being the HUGE Mortal Kombat fan I was back in the day, I was massively excited about this new game in the works that was going to be the Mortal Kombat for 3DO owners. It was going to awesome. It was a little project from a company called "Naughty Dog".

I counted the days. I marked the calendar. I invited friends over to play on launch day. We were going to order pizza and play all night. It was going to be a day to live in infamy.

The day finally came. I had my magazines that chronicled it's development. I knew the names and backstories of all the characters. I had my reservation at Software Etc. I had my money in hand. It was a "great day to be alive" I thought to myself as I handed over my hard saved money in exchange for an impressive looking box with cool artwork.

Well, then I put the disc in the 3DO. About twenty five excruciating minutes later, I was back on my way to the mall, where I exchanged this unholy pile of excrement for Road Rash. Road Rash was great, and I never looked back. We ate pizza, trade off playing Road Rash, and laughed about how that was the beginning and the end for Naughty Dog. I've been wrong before...

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