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3do Ps1/2 joypad adaptor tototek

Posted: Mon Oct 22, 2007 8:46 am
by thornton_s

after placing an order and not hearing anything for a week i thought i had been ripped off but i have just received confirmation that my adaptors are on the way and was wondering if anyone else has bought one of these. They basically allow you to plug a ps1 or ps2 joypad into your 3do and allows you the use of the analogue stick instead of the d-pad (hopefully it will be compatible with flightstick pro games as well, be great to play wc3 with analogue support).These would be a life saver as i am sure you are all aware of how hard it is to get a flightstick these days.

Really looking forward to getting these and will let you know what if they are any good(should be here today).

I may also have a couple for sale as a friend of mine asked me to order him 2 and has now told me he has sold his console (G*t).