Definitive USA Release List

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Definitive USA Release List

Post by coombsb » Sat Nov 17, 2007 10:18 pm

We've all got our list of games, either owned or known about, so this is an attempt to create THE definitive list of all releases in the USA. I'll start with mine, any additions people have please shout and I'll edit this first post to keep it up to date. If sucscessful I'll move onto Japanese games next. So without further ado, here we go:

Official Full Releases - 175
20th Century Video Almanac
3D Atlas
3DO Action Pack
3DO Game Guru
Alone in the Dark
Alone in the Dark 2
Ballz: The Director's Cut
Battle Chess
BC Racing
Blade Force
Blonde Justice
Brain Dead 13
Brain Dead 13 (v1.1)
Burning Soldier
Cannon Fodder
Captain Quazar
Carrier Fortress at Sea
Corpse Killer
Cowboy Casino
Crash 'n Burn
Creature Shock
Crime Patrol
Demolition Man
Dennis Miller: That's News To Me
Digital Dreamware
DinoPark Tycoon
Dragon Lore
Dragon's Lair
Drug Wars
Escape From Monster Manor
ESPN Golf - Lower Your Score With Tom Kite
ESPN Interactive Hitting
EPSN Let's Go Skiing
ESPN Let's Play Beach Volleyball
ESPN Let's Play Soccer
ESPN Let's Play Tennis
ESPN Step Aerobics
Family Feud
Fatty Bear's Birthday Surprise
Fatty Bear's Funpack
FIFA International Soccer
Flying Nightmare
Foes of Ali
Fun 'n' Games
Guardian War
Guardian War – Alternative Cover
Gunslinger Collection
Ice Breaker
Immortal Desire
Iron Angel of the Apocalypse
Iron Ange of the Apocalypse: The Return
John Madden Football
Jonny Bazooketone
Jurassic Park Interactive
Killing Time
Lost Eden
Love Bites
Lucienne's Quest
Mad Dog 2
Mad Dog McCree
Mega Race
Mind Teazzer
Night Trap
Nova Storm
Ocean's Below
Off World Interceptor
Olympic Soccer
Olympic Summer Games
Out of This World
Panzar General
Pebble Beach Golf Links
PGA Tour 96
Phoenix 3
Plumber's Don't Wear Ties
Primal Rage
Putt Putt Goes to the Moon
Putt Putt Joins the Parade
Putt Putt's Fun Pack
Physic Detectives
Quarterback Attack
Real Pinball
Return Fire
Return Fire: Maps of Death
Rise of the Robots
Road Rash
Road Rash – With Free Music CD
Robinson's Requiem
Samurai Shodown
Scramble Cobra
Seal of the Pharaoh
Sesame Street Numbers
Sewer Shark
Shadow: Warrior of Succession
Shanghai Triple Threat
Shelley Duval's It's a Bids Life
Shock Wave
Shock Wave: Operation Jumpgate
Shock Wave 2
Sid Meire's CPU Bach
Slam Jam 95
Snow Job
Soccer Kid
Space Ace
Space Hulk
Space Pirate
Space Shuttle
Star Control 2
Star Fighter
Star Wars: Rebel Assult
Station Invasion
Stella 7: Draxon's Revenge
Super Street Fighter Turbo 2
Super Wing Commander
Supermodels Go Wild
Supreme Warriors
The Animals
The Coven
The Daedalus Encounter
The Horde
The Incredible Machine
The Last Bounty Hunter
The Life Stage
The Lost Files of Sherlock Holmes
The Need for Speed
The Perfect General
Theme Park
Total Eclipse
VR Stalker
Waialae County Club
Way of Warrior
Who Shot Johnny Rock?
Wicked 18
Wing Commander 3
Wold Cup Golf
Wolfenstein 3D
Woody Woodpecker Vol 1
Woody Woodpecker Vol 2
Woody Woodpecker Vol 3
Zhadnost Party People
Zhadnost Party People - With Free Controller

Not For Resale & Demos etc - 39
3DO Buffet
3DO Interactive Sampler CD with photo CD
3DO Interactive Sampler CD with Thumbelina
3DO Interactive Sampler CD #2
3DO Interactive Sampler CD #3
3DO Interactive Sampler CD #4
Burning Soldier - DDP
Crash 'n Burn - NFR
Demonstration CD
Escape From Monster Manor - DDP
FIFA International Soccer - NFR
FIFA International Soccer - DDP
Gex - NFR
Gridders - DDP
Guardian War - DDP
Icebreaker 2
John Madden Football - DDP
Jurassic Park Interactive - DDP
Killing Time - mail in upgrade
Lower Your Score With Kom Kite: Mental Messages - bonus CD
Onside Soccer
Road Rash - DDP
Sample This!
Sampler III and 3DO Storage Manager - DDP
Sampler CD
Shock Wave - DDP
Soccer Kid - DDP
Starblade - NFR
Star Control II - DDP
Station Invasion - DDP
Super Wing Commander - DDP
Total Eclipse - DDP
Total Eclipse - NFR
Total Eclipse - Long box NFR
Twisted: The Game Show - DDP
Way of the Warrior - DDP

DDP = Demo Disk Program

I've deliberately not included the likes of Beverly Hills Models etc as they contain no 3DO programing at all, they are just Photo CDs (and bad ones!).

Over to you!

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Post by BryWI » Sun Nov 18, 2007 6:21 pm

Im too lazy to comb through that, but i have a file to attach here for those who are not lazy.

this list doesnt include things like the action pack because those games were individualy available and were the same discs in the pack.

hmm i guess we cant attach files on this board....

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Post by 3DOKid » Mon Nov 19, 2007 12:48 am

It's an accurate list of Japanese games that's going to be the greasy bag of snakes to straighten out here.

...and a complete list of Japanese games too is probably needed.

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Post by Hound » Mon Nov 19, 2007 1:26 am

Just a personal opinion, by I don't consider demos to be part of the list. They should be on their own list. That includes games with versions(c1.1,etc). If you're going to just lump everything onto the list, then that leads to having to add EVERY officially burned developer copy of the game before it went to pressing. If it wasn't available to the public to buy(or send in something to receive it) in some form, then it shouldn't be on the "main" release list.

The list should be broken up, listing at the top, publically available full release titles, then demos, then oddities like alternate box covers, different versions, etc. Otherwise, the list gets confusing to look at.

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Post by coombsb » Mon Nov 19, 2007 5:15 am

Erm, isn't that what I've done?

The top list is those available as general full release games you could buy in a shop at the time. List below is the demos oddities etc. If there was more than 1 version of a game available for sale at retail then it should be listed twice.

So Brain Dead was available in two versions at retail, hence appears on the top list twice. Killing Time upgrade, ESPN Golf extra etc were mail in only, so are in the demos etc list.

There are only four titles listed twice in the top list, shouldn't be too hard to follow!

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Post by Hound » Mon Nov 19, 2007 6:02 am

For the most part, yeah, but I just don't consider things like Road Rash with and without the music cd to be 2 entirely distinctive games. Brain Dead v1.1 wasn't really noticeable as such on the surface and certainly wasn't promoted as a bug fix in any meaningful way(i.e. huge sticker on the front of the box, etc). The Guardian War alternative box was most likely a factory screw up run as I've heard next to nothing about it other than on here or at the least its just the same exact game is a slightly different box. All those things are just alternate versions of the same game. The top list should just list 1 of each game, not all the extras and oddities. Not like there are a lot, but it's more correct.

Technically, Mind Teazzer was sold in 2 different boxes as well. The large box(for porn shops as it is about the size of an older style porn video large shelf VHS box) and without the large box. Sex and Love Bites were also officially sold in different forms too. Both of those could be bought in just a jewelcase with no outer box and either a generic PC version of the front or rear inserts, factory shrinkwrapped. That happened at the end of the 3DO's life when the distributor ran out of the correct boxes/inserts and just used the PC versions. Certain games were packaged with the game systems too, so then you'd have to add Gex and such as jewelcase only versions to the list to be complete. The games weren't any different, but the packaging/sale of them was. To my knowledge, Braindead v1.1 was also available from the manufacturer in either is slipcase or jewelcase(i forget which) due to people calling in for replacements of the bugged disc. I talked with someone years back who got some of them in bulk after the 3DO died.

If you start listing box variations and all that, as time goes on, more may be found and it just becomes a mess. All those should be in an alternate version of the same game list and not the top list.

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Post by Lemmi » Mon Nov 19, 2007 6:44 am

here is my list without variations (and i own all of these items)
the Adult and Sampler stuff is separated and are listed at the bottom, and some games i left "THE" off of the title like need for speed

your list i see is missing the Maniac Pack thats all i noticed from one quick scan of it

3DO games (games are separated in blocks of 20)
180 total

--20th Century: Video Almanac
--3D Atlas
--3DO Club: Station Invasion
--3DO Maniac Pack - (4 CD games) - Alone in the Dark, Battle Chess, Way of the Warrior, Out of this World
--3DO Action Pak - (4 CD games) - Soccer Kid, Slayer: Advanced D&D 2nd Edition, Shanghai: Triple Threat, Dragons Lair
--Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition: Death Keep
--Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition: Slayer
--Alone in the Dark
--Alone in the Dark 2
--B.C. Racers
--Ballz : the Directors cut
--Battle Chess
--Blade Force
--Brain Dead 13
--Burning Soilder
--Bust -A- Move
--C.P.U Bach by Sid Meier
--Cannon Fodder
--Captain Quazar

--Carrier: Fortress at Sea
--Corpse Killer
--Cowboy Casino
--Creature Shock
--Crime Patrol
--Daedalus Encounter
--Demolition Man
--Dennis Miller "Thats News to Me"
--Digital Dreamware
--DinoPark Tycoon
--Dragon Lore
--Dragons Lair
--Drug Wars
--Escape from Monster Manor

--ESPN : Baseball - Interactive Hitting
--ESPN : Skiing
--ESPN : Soccer
--ESPN : Step Aerobics
--ESPN : Tennis
--ESPN : Tom Kite's Lower your Score
--ESPN : Tom Kite's Lower your Score : Mental Messages (mail order only)
--ESPN : Beach Volleyball
--Family Feud
--Fatty Bear's : Birthday Surprise
--Fatty Bear's : Fun Pack
--FIFA soccer
--Flying Nightmares
--Foe's of Ali
--Fun 'N Games
--Gex - (retail, long box)
--Guardian War
--Gunslinger Collection ---- (3 CD games) - Mad Dog McCree, Mad Dog 2, Crime Patrol

--HELL- A Cyberpunk Thriller
--Horde, the
--Incredible Machine, the
--Iron Angel of the Apocalypse
--Iron Angel of the Apocalypse : The Return
--Its A Bird's Life : by Shelly Duvall
--John Madden Football
--Johnny Bazookatone
--Jurassic Park Interactive
--Killing Time -- plus the Save Bug Fix Black CD version
--Kingdom : The Far Reaches
--Learning Cube : Mathmagics
--Learning Cube : Slopestyle
--Lost Eden
--Lucienne's Quest
--Mad Dog McCree

--Mad Dog 2
--Mega Race
--Need for Speed
--Night Trap
--Ocean's Below
--Off World Interceptor
--Olympic Soccer
--Olympic Summer Games
--Out of this World
--Panzer General
--Pebble Beach Golf
--Perfect General
--PGA Tour Golf '96
--Phoenix 3

--Plumbers Dont Wear Ties
--Primal Rage
--Psychic Detective
--Putt Putt : Fun Pack
--Putt Putt : Goes to the Moon
--Putt Putt : Joins the Parade
--Quarterback Attack
--Real Pinball
--Return Fire
--Return Fire: Maps O` Death
--Rise of the Robots
--Road Rash w/Music CD --- or without
--Robinson's Requiem
--Samurai Shodown
--Scramble Cobra
--Seal of the Pharoah
--Sesame Street Numbers
--Sewer Shark

--Shadow : War of Succession
--Shanghai: Triple Threat
--Sherlock Holmes : The Lost Files
--Shockwave: Operation Jumpgate
--Shockwave 2: Beyond the Gate
--Slam -N- Jam '95
--Snow Job
--Soccer Kid
--Space Ace
--Space Hulk
--Space Pirates
--Space Shuttle: by Software Toolworks
--Star Blade
--Star Control 2
--Star Fighter
--Star Wars : Rebel Assault
--Stellar 7: Draxon's Revenge
--Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo

--Super Wing Commander
--Supreme Warrior
--The Last Bounty Hunter
--The Life Stage: Virtual House
--The San Diego Zoo: The Animals
--Theme Park
--Toontime : In the Classroom
--Total Eclipse
--Twisted - The Game Show
--VR Stalker
--Waialae Country Club Golf
--Way of the Warrior
--Who Shot Johnny Rock
--Wicked 18 Golf
--Wing Commander 3
--Wolfenstein 3D
--Woody Woodpecker Vol 1

--Woody Woodpecker Vol 2
--Woody Woodpecker Vol 3
--World Cup Golf
--Zhadnost: The People's Party ---- (w/Controller and Shot Glass)
--ADULT - Blond Justice
--ADULT - Endlessly
--ADULT - Immortal Desire
--ADULT - Love Bites
--ADULT - Mind Teazzer
--ADULT - Super Models Go Wild
--ADULT - The Coven
--ADULT - Virtual Vivid (sampler)
--3DO Buffet sampler
--3DO Interactive sampler #1
--3DO Interactive CD Sampler #2
--3DO Interactive CD Sampler #3
--3DO Interactive CD Sampler #4
--Panasonic Sampler CD (fz1 pack in)
--Sample This sampler
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Post by Lemmi » Mon Nov 19, 2007 6:52 am

BryWI wrote:
this list doesnt include things like the action pack because those games were individualy available and were the same discs in the pack.
true but they came in a new box with a different name and were sold retail, thats the only reason i counted them :)

everyone has a different way of counting games, especially for the 3DO :D

i also left off the Game Guru because it doesnt have any games on it
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