Russian translation of Takeru (Japanese-exclusive digital manga)

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Russian translation of Takeru (Japanese-exclusive digital manga)

Post by goldenband » Wed Nov 28, 2018 11:40 pm

There's a thread on 3DO Planet with a Russian translation of Takeru, a digital manga release that's not a game per se AFAIK, but more of an interactive comic book. I'm not going to link to the thread b/c romz, but here's a YouTube video:

It sounds like it was an extremely labor-intensive project that involved manual editing of individual images, so I doubt there's an English version coming, and my understanding is that Takeru was released in English anyway on the PC and Mac. Still, it's nice to know that another Japanese-exclusive release has been localized in an alphabetic language.

Also on the same site was an abortive attempt to translate Policenauts into either English or Russian. Pity that one didn't go further!

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