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NotSoLameNES speed improvements

Posted: Sat Mar 14, 2020 10:10 pm
by Optimus
I recently decided to have a look at the original LameNES 3DO port by blabla. I know that was a proof of concept port and also based on an emulator made for educational purposes and not written with speed in mind.

So far I have been working for over two weeks in here. Optimized mostly the renderer (I have a new one rewrite in mind, that could give us some more). Will look at optimizing the CPU and other things soon.

Here is a video of how the original port performed, and after 6:50 is the presentation of my improved version.
Original I would estimate would make 0.2fps in game, while mine is no at 6fps (also, if I pause rendering, the CPU emulation on it's own doesn't let this go over 9fps, so I gotta attempt to optimize the CPU next time to reduce this bottleneck, then go back again for my new idea for a renderer (this will need redesign and some more thought and learn more about the NES hardware))

Re: NotSoLameNES speed improvements

Posted: Sat Mar 21, 2020 10:00 pm
by Optimus
I finally made a release of the current verson, where I added a file menu selector (instead of the original code requiring a rom.nes), so you can copy all your NES game roms and select what you wish to run. You just need to copy your roms in a specified directory (read the readme.txt) and then run a batch file to build the 3DO ISO. It's simple as that!

Not much improvements from speed since last time. Still 6fps with Super Mario 1. And many other ROMs are simple slower or less compatible. ...

Re: NotSoLameNES speed improvements

Posted: Mon Jul 20, 2020 3:05 am
by Saffron
good work! I'm afraid the 3DO ARM is too weak for emulating the NES at decent speed, and if you add graphics on top of that... I remember checking the CPU emulation and doing some tests and it didn't look good.

I'm not a pro of emulation (I just code games, not emulators) but I would be really surprised. I remember someone coded a NES emulator on the PSX, but that console has like 3 times the CPU power of the 3DO's ARM. Saturn CPU is twice as fast as 3DO and I don't remember anyone being able to do a NES emulator on that one.

Still, it can be a great project for having fun and learning. Please keep sharing any progress!