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Having trouble setting up & using CH FlightStick & A

Posted: Fri Jul 01, 2011 6:13 pm
by jasonbar

I finally dug out my American Laser Games gun & my CH Products FlightStick Pro & am having trouble with both. I need a little hand-holding, please.

2-player ALG Gun (with male & female plugs at end of cord):
I try to use it with my FZ-1 & my console starts resetting repeatedly until I unplug it! This behavior occurs whether the gun is plugged directly into the console or daisy chained through a FZ-JP2X or plugged directly into the console with the FZ-JP2X daisy chained through the gun.

CH Products FlightStick Pro:
With Need For Speed, I can sometimes, sorta navigate the menu. I can bypass the intro videos by pushing one of the base buttons. I can't start or play a game.
With Escape From Monster Manor, I can't get any reaction at all.
With Blade Force, it works 100% perfectly. Upon boot-up, it notified me that a flight stick is plugged in & then I can play the game just great--all controls work. So, my stick is good, but I'm missing something when it comes to setting it up, I guess...

How exactly does one set up the FlightStick in terms of plugging it directly into the console or daisy-chained through a controller? And, how does one select it & use it instead of the control pad?


Posted: Fri Jul 01, 2011 10:05 pm
by Anonymous
Ill dig up the flightstick manual and see what it says and get back to you later. Hopefully it will give you the info you need.

Edit: I will be able to scan it for you, but might take a few days, but then you can print it and have it for future referense!