Possible sound issue with RGB cable on Jap FZ10?

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Possible sound issue with RGB cable on Jap FZ10?

Post by Anonymous » Tue Jan 10, 2012 11:47 pm

Hey. I just bought and got delivered a rgb modded jap FZ10.. I set it up to my LG LCD, and went on to testing it to see that it had survived shipping.

It seems to work as it should, but i noticed one thing right away.. I get some very strange background static noises while it loads splash screens, and also once inside the main menu, where it prompts a cd input, or memory manager.

I have a hard time finding words to describe the noise in detail, closest i can do is like a buzzing sound.. This sound goes away as soon as i load an actual game, and generally isnt present during gameplay at all that ive noticed. Once a game is loading, its gone.

Stuck composite cable back in, and no noise what so ever? This has me puzzled. I proceeded to test the rgb 3DO on my old Sony CRT, and it has no static noises with the RGB cable.. Is this some sort of incompatibility with the newer LCD screen? Ive noticed similar behaviour from my Neo Geo AES, with RGB cable too. Again, it goes away once past splash screens etc..

I contacted the seller, and he assured me it worked fine when he tested it, and i have no reason to doubt him since it did not have those sound issues on the Sony screen..

So, any of you guys know what might cause this? It isnt a HUGE issue, since it does go away with a game loaded, but it has me annoyed not knowing WHY it does this..

Any input or help would be apriciated.. The mod itself looks nice and clean too btw..


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Post by CasetheCorvetteman » Wed Jan 11, 2012 7:18 am

My FZ-10 did this. So i wouldnt be too bothered, like a whine on the 3DO logo screen??

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