Parts revisions for 3DO CD-ROM's?

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Parts revisions for 3DO CD-ROM's?

Post by TheRealAnubis » Thu Nov 29, 2012 6:57 am

I had the motor die on my 3DO FZ-1 recently, and I have acquired a couple of parts machines.

From 2 of them, one CD ROM is dated October 1993, and the other is November 1994.

These have different style motors (CD motor), different connections to the drive motor, and different locations of the plugins for the motor.

But both are listed as model CR-560-B.

I have also noticed that the SRAM IC that stores the game data is different in at least 2 machines - one is Sony, the other is Goldstar - all machines I have are FZ-1.

Does anyone have the pinouts for either the drive, or the input ribbon cables for the 3DO FZ-1?

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