CH Flightstick won't center vertically

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CH Flightstick won't center vertically

Post by tripletopper » Wed May 14, 2014 7:29 pm

I am having trouble with one CH Flightstick for the 3DO. I've got 2 of them, one a multiplayer version, the other a single player version. The single player version has trouble centering vertically. I go down and it comes up when i center. As soon as I use the y-trim to fix it, centering after coming up makes it do down. Is there something wrong with the potentiometer, or am I misadjusting it? If something is wrong with the potentiometer, can it be fixed with a screwdriver, a few q-tips, and some 91% isopropylhol? Or does it require soldering on a new potentiometer? I can buy one at, but I don't know how to install it. CH Products no longer supports it and hasn't given me instructions on how to do it.

A Black Falcon
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Re: CH Flightstick won't center vertically

Post by A Black Falcon » Sat Mar 05, 2016 7:08 am

I presume you also posted this on atariage here: ... try2984344 and have a similar issue...

So, I got a working 3DO finally recently as I said in the other thread I made in this forum. It came with a CH Flightstick Pro, the 1/last player model. It works okay with some games, including Shockwave 2 and Super Wing Commander, and works in Return Fire though it has issues staying centered (I had to constantly adjust the center while playing, annoying!), but it doesn't work in Need for Speed -- you can control the menus fine, but once you get into a race, the only button that functions is the change-camera button. Nothing else does anything.

Given the lack of responses here I doubt anyone has any idea about this, but do the 1/last player Flightstick Pros have some issue with Need for Speed and center issues in Return Fire and my solution is to buy ANOTHER one of these, this time one with the multiplayer connection? I didn't know there were two models of this stick, but I guess there are... interesting. That'd be unfortunate though, these things are uncommon enough as it is and I'd rather not have to look for another one if there is a better solution.

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