New 3DO RGB mod

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New 3DO RGB mod

Post by Taijigamer » Sat Nov 25, 2017 12:18 am

So I've just finished designing a new 3DO RGB board using the BU3616K encoder. As the old mod boards were unavailable. This board will work on all 3DO revisions (except FZ-10 with the Anvil chip or Creative Labs 3DO blaster). Installation is similar to old mod with 24 RGB wires, SYNC, CLK, 5V and GND.

More info can be found here ... ost-956474

I've included links to oshpark for ordering boards and also Eagle files incase people want to modify them to their needs. I could also provide ready made boards if there is enough demand.

Hopefully this will help to demystify the subject of RGB on the 3DO.

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