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Various 4DO problems

Posted: Sat Jun 09, 2018 4:59 pm
by Martin III
So I finally got around to installing 4DO on my new computer so I could get some screenshots for my 3DO reviews. The trouble is, in apparently still further confirmation that Windows 10 is the least functional operating system ever created, 4DO won't boot. Not even an error message; the wait icon spins for a couple seconds and that's it. I tried additionally downloading the zip version as MathUser suggested in this thread, but the same exact thing happens. I can only get it to boot by running it as an administrator, which is a pain.

That done, I immediately hit another road block. "Open Disc Drive - D:" is grayed out, even though a 3DO game was already loaded into my CD drive by the time I installed 4DO. The only thing I could think of from that point was to cycle the drive, which of course did nothing.

Any ideas?