Review - Winning Post

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Review - Winning Post

Post by Trev » Sun Feb 08, 2009 5:34 am

** This game was released exclusively in Japan **


3DO had a handful of these horse games released in the Japanese market (where evidently the genre is quite popular) Winning Post is one of a few that I've tried and they all seem pretty similar which is too bad … why? Simply put, this style of game demands knowing how to read Japanese text! I don't obviously :( so any potential I had for fun was quite limited. Nevertheless, here are some of my brief thoughts.

The first thing that struck me about this game was how weird the jewel case felt ... it is much thicker than the norm. This is a necessity though, to hold the thick manual that accompanies it. So, we have a deep game it seems. So much for fudging my way through be sheer chance ... :cry:

Loading the game brings on a cute full motion video opening. Afterwards the message to 'push p for start' appears. I was thankful for the English, even though I could have figured it out on my own :wink: )
Image Image
After that though I was swamped with wall to wall Japanese, and other than the occasional 'yes' or 'no' (to answer a question I was ignorant of) there was no English direction whatsoever. I did manage to navigate the menus and make progress through a combination of the process of elimination, and by making use of the picture based icons. But once I got to the office screen, I knew this game was much deeper than even the overly large manual suggested.

Audio/Visuals ... ? Some good sound effects of the galloping horses, and music that is pleasant enough. It seems fitting ... think generic elevator tunes but it's probably best in limited doses. The graphic end is nothing too special with a fairly bland crowd and (with the exception of the occasional close ups as the horses round the corner) I didn't see much 32-bit power.


The games complexities, plus the fact that you aren't directly involved in the racing makes it an import only for a select few. If you have the goal of owning every 3DO game ever made (and if you are reading this review there's a good chance) than grab a copy and scratch it off your games list. Maybe even compare it to the other 3DO horse games (they aren't that expensive compared to most imports) If the above words don't apply to you though, you can pass this one up without much worry.


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