Review - ESPN Step Aerobics

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Review - ESPN Step Aerobics

Post by Trev » Mon Dec 14, 2009 12:33 am


Now I can’t say for certain, but somehow I don’t think playing baseball, soccer, or golf in the house would go over too well with my wife. But what is this? An ESPN 3DO release that I actually can use inside? Finally, I might be able to get some practical use from these titles other than purely collectable. And since I’m writing this during December, it seems like a good time to use it. After all, I don’t want hibernation to result in my being out of shape. Presenting, ESPN: Step Aerobics.

I seem to recall these steps being all the rage back in the early 90’s. I base this on my memories of later seeing stacks of them in thrift stores in the mid 90’s. :lol: Anyway, whether Intelliplay was trying to cash in on this craze, or if they were just simply looking to get another 3DO product on the market, the result was another short sports themed instructional disc. Well, at least maybe it can get my heart rate increased …

If you don’t have a step, no worries. One of the guides works without one so you can just follow him along and still get a decent workout. Me, I decided to use my briefcase which is pretty sturdy. Worst case scenario, I would damage it and get a new one as I’m overdue (didn’t happen though)

Not only should you would warm up before exercising, but apparently the 3DO needs to as well. :P The disc starts with a message that the system is warming up and to please wait. It is a l-o-n-g wait. But it is short in comparison to the real warm up.

Now I am not an avid exerciser by any means, but the warm up did seem long to me. Checking with my wife who is much more into exercise vids than me, she confirmed that it was a bit long. Good thing … I was worried that I was so out of shape that the warm up was posing problems. :roll:

The workout crew in this title is a bit distracting. The guy in the front seems far too happy to be exercising (and he made me chuckle when he made a mistake :lol: ), and the girl in the back is sweating gallons. My wife also commented that the funky color stage could distract. Returning to focus …


After the warm up, basic steps followed. Or maybe not so basic. One of the girls says you really need to be coordinated, and it turns out that she is correct. The combination of quick moving steps coupled with arm movements was tough to follow at points, and I usually ended up lagging.

A couple of nitpicks … my wife didn't like how two different moves would be referred to the same way. A lunge yes, but forward or to the side? This also actually echoes in a way my own observation of how it seems the instructors take for granted that you know what they are planning to do. They don’t always give clear direction, instead relying on quick phrases like “From the top!” :? Sorry, but I require more guidance.

Too tired to do the power steps, we skipped to the cool down. My wife thought the stretches seemed out of place, and would be more appropriate for a warm up. Me, I was just glad to be almost done ...

The odds of many 3DO users using this disc back when released must be very low. Even is sales were decent (which I highly doubt) it probably just wound up in the back of the closet with the thigh master. :wink: Needless to say, it’s attracted even less playtime over the years. In fact, other than 3DOKid (who has reviewed this title on his blog) I conceive that I might be the only other one to pop this cd in a 3DO since the the last milenium.

So … I encourage the regular frequenters of this forum (who have this disc) to give it a whirl in his or her 3DO (it needs the play time) Oh, and by the way … at 15 beats per 10 seconds it did get my heart rate going … but 4 shy of its target rate (at least according to the user manual) :(

Collector’s only, obviously …

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Re: Review - ESPN Step Aerobics

Post by BryWI » Mon Dec 14, 2009 5:46 pm

Trev wrote:
I seem to recall these steps being all the rage back in the early 90’s. I base this on my memories of later seeing stacks of them in thrift stores in the mid 90’s. :lol:
My ex had some of those steps, she didnt use them though. ha.

They were great for changing light bulbs you couldn't reach though.

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