REVIEW - Guardian War

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REVIEW - Guardian War

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Sorry for bad English. I use a translator.

Guardian War is a strategy RPG game in the best Shining Force style released in 1994 in the United States, Europe and Japan In Japan and the United States, published by Panasonic. At that time, games with 3D graphics were not common, especially considering the graphical capabilities of consoles that were at their peak in the world, the Genesis and Super NES.
Just here to Guardian War is detached from any RPG title released until that time. The animations of the characters are all made with 3D graphics, not to mention the beautiful cut-scenes also with 3D animation. At that time the only console capable of this feat was the 3DO, after all, the Sega Saturn was still in design, the PlayStation was a little distant and the Atari Jaguar was a newcomer.
Here, the player controls a golem named Pumpkin, Eraldo revived by the Goddess, which has the mission to fight the evil Lord Azrael, but for this he will have to form a legacy of golems awakening them in sanctuaries throughout the game, forming thus, an army against the forces of evil.
Guardian War, as well as Shining Force CD, consists only of war camps. Forget villages, hotels and bars. Here are the business battles. In the maps, your character has total freedom of movement until it finds an enemy. When is an enemy, the game goes in turns like any RPG / Strategy policy.
To skip stages, or hostile camps, as it is called in the game you must defeat all enemies on the map. As usual, when you kill enemies you can win items and also find chests. In hostile camps, there are marks on the ground that can recover MP, HP, inhibit the use of magic, reduce speed or HP suck. Each has a specific color for the player to identify the effect that will be caused on the character.
Making use of special items, you can bring the NPCs to his legacy, but these will still be controlled by the CPU itself, taking turns and actions completely random, but like any ordinary character they also gain experience and gain levels. You can use up to six characters in hostile camps, selected in the world map before entering a new field hostile.
Outside the hostile camps, there are shopping malls, in which the player can buy and sell items and equipment, but as I said before, your character will not be inside a store. In this aspect it's all done through the intervention of text and nothing else.
In these malls, the joagdor can also get costumes in order to change the jobs of the golems of the group. This is perhaps the most interesting point of the game. Each job has a specific characteristic with their pros and cons. The hostile environment of the field can promote or hinder your character depending on the selected job, for example, Fishman in fields where there are no elements with moving water is extremely apathetic.
There are nine primary jobs. Knight, who has powerful attacks with swords, evolves into Dark Knight or Paladin, but makes use of magic in primary form. Archer, who has excellent performance in attacks of middle and long distance, or evolves into Archer Bow Death Knight, however, has a defense a little lower and can be somewhat ineffective when used to attack melee. Priest, who is gifted in Light Magic (which would be White Magic in other RPG games) can evolve to Dark Priest or Messiah, but has rather weak physical attacks and has a faux low HP compared to other characters. Shaman, which makes use of varied kinds of magic and physical attacks have regular progress to Master or Dark Shaman Shaman. Birdman, has excellent handling and can park in places that other characters can not park, or evolves into Devil Bird Garuda. Wizard, which is well endowed with attack spells, develops into Black Sage or Sorcerer. Ninja Assassin that evolves into or Master Ninja, Samurai, which evolved into Black Samurai Swordsman or Lord and turn Fishman evolving to Neptune, it has a very high drive into the water, but on dry land is a shot in the leg, but still , has very high range of techniques that no other character has.
Whew .....
You select a job in your main character to use in hostile camps, but can use other two secondary can make use of their techniques, however, the main characteristics and conditions are dictated by the selected job as principal. Besides the joint attack, each job has more than two additional techniques that may be offensive, defensive, or catering.
The enemies in the field can also make use of magic and items in the same way as the player. Some dangers are well and can use techniques that can reach up to four characters at once.
The gameplay is quite simple. You have the options to attack, technical business users, items, or defend in a main menu of the character. From the main menu can visualize the map, how many NPCs are missing to complete the hostile camp, a site map and the option to abandon the hostile camp. This can be done anytime, even while in battle. With the buttons R and L, can rotate the field to the left and right. Nothing special here.
The sound is pretty fancy, despite having few tracks the music making becoming a little sickening. Two people worked on the songwriting Guardian of War and those people are and Yasufumi Fukuda Yukiharu Urita.
Yasufumi Fukuda, also a composer is also a musician, and worked in several games like Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Game Cube), Innocent Life: A Futuristic Harvest Moon (PSP) Blue Dragon (Xbox 360), Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team (GBA), Shinobido (PS2, PSP) and Blazing Heroes (Sega Saturn). Jogs weight.
Yukiharu Urita Zuntata Composer is part of the Group, which consists of a group of developers in Japan by Taito Yukiharu Urita also worked in Blazing Heroes for Sega in 1995, but he was more active in arcade games
The sound effects are first rate, very realistic and spoken comments voiced by Pamela Prather, who is currently a member of Yale College and voice coach and professional theater groups paw Patrick De Volpi who currently works as a photojournalist to work in Italy Japan and Canada. Voices of weight!
The part I find most powerful in the game are the graphics, high quality for the time. Until then, there was not a game for home console with such a high level, recalling that in 1994 the very 3DO was more powerful than personal computers. Developers have used and abused effects like zoom, rotation and transparency. Despite the movement of the characters is a bit poor, with few frames of animation, the stages are well detailed and neat and the spells themselves are a show piece.
The cool thing is that in Guardian War developers dedicated themselves to making several different environments. Deserts, forests, beaches, caves, shrines and even the sea was remembered. The phases have high detail and vivid colors are doing justice to the amazing color palette 3DO Interactive Multiplayer.
The cut-scenes have a high quality dimensional and abuse of resources. Here the movement of the characters in the video are much better compared to that worked in real game action. A major advance for the season.
Although Guardian War fit into the list of the best games ever released for 3DO, it's a bit annoying. There are countless hostile camps and mechanics of the game becomes repetitive after awhile. Also, some camps are extremely difficult to be completed and to repeat them several times to get through. At the end of each field are faced with a hostile leader who is not necessarily the last enemy from the field, always with strong allies.
Resim entire personal history, Guardian War is it. A great game with a dazzling qulidade for 1994 and on top of a unique game system 3DO. Unfortunately the 3DO Interactive Multiplayer suffered with a few titles of this genre, but Guardian War does the job well. There is no Shining Force, but still a game that weight certainly must have pleased enough users 3DO at the time.

Graphics: 8
The graphics is high quality but not the time for the console itself. At the time the games of the genre were not yet at that level. The animations of the spells and videos of the game is impressive. The one that harms the chart Guardian War itself is the poor handling could be better worked. Still is very good and I liked the set.

Sound: 8
The songs are good. The sound effects are better. Unfortunately the songs are repeated in many phases is a little cloying tonando, but only that which harms the game in this aspect. Several comments spoken during the game titled. Very good!

Challenge: 5
Fortunately or unfortunately the game has lots and lots of battlefields. The leaders call a lot and sometimes it's necessary to go through the same stage many times to achieve complete it. At first, increase the level of the characters creates a lot of work because the enemies tend to be at a level about equal.

Gameplay: 6.5
The gameplay is simple and does not bring many innovations, but there are no cons about it, yet the number of existing resources in this regard is a little Its hard to evaluate, so I preferred to give a rating that would be regular.

Fun: 6.5
The game is well done and entertaining, but as I mentioned above, there are a number of stages and at some points the game is quite challenging, so it becomes repetitive in a little cloying.

General Note: 6.8
The whole game itself is very good. In my opinion, what makes the player to continue playing in the Guardian War jobs are quite varied and dazzle graphics, and a simple plot, but interesting. If you had never heard before find out more about Guardian War I guarantee that it is worth.

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