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Sorry for bad English. I use a translator.

Yeah. I decided to do a review of one puzzle game. How to evaluate a simple game? It's just focus on where he has originality. Trip'D was a puzzle in good style Tetris released by little-known but acclaimed for one season due to a title, Warp. The 3DO is a great console and could not miss a game with this proposal. The review will be very soon but I'll try to be objective.
The game has nice graphics, but as a puzzle, nothing impressive so far. The interesting point in the game is a combination of icons that rocks, plants, eggs, and everything else. The combination is the same four figures with a wrong move, at the touch of the four figures they become a monster that will need urgently to four more compatible.
The game even that is exciting, and as they accumulate a lot of pictures on the screen is a hell rid of them. This is nice because it works much reflection, and as in Columns, the ideal is to make combinations of fading after all go at once and accumulate more points.
The versus mode of the game follows as Puyo Puyo. Great combinations will end on the side of another player as the accumulation of figures. There is a versus mode against the computer and challenging where you pick an opponent. Nothing to show up the opponent's side. Everything is normal. The difference is that each opponent has a difficulty level.
When you level up, as one would expect the speed and difficulty increases. The figurines that you need never see this kind of game. I thought Trip'D really fun and challenging, but it is legal to play in versus mode. Too bad the variety of screens to come down to a single mode, one against the computer and one for two players. Unfortunately there are only three songs that you choose from the options in standalone mode, versus one for another and if you form a monster in the middle of the unusual figures.
The game features a mini-game called Dance Trip also present on Short Warp, it's about making sound effects and try to make little songs and clips with control commands, but nothing save the progress and produce music as well in Mario Paint. I think Trip Dance was added to complete the only space that was needed to fill the CD.
For a 3DO game is great because there are few titles in this category for him, but at the time was released Trip'D existed style games with even more innovation to the fourth generation of consoles. The game itself is good and worth knowing, for those who like the genre is a full plate.

Graphics: 5
Let's be realistic. Even a simple puzzle game could have graphics far superior, after all, we are talking about the 3DO. A console that generated a good number of colors per second.

Sound: 4
The sound effects are pretty funny and the music very well prepared, but lacked variety. Missed a greater commitment on the team.

Challenge: 8
One issue that pleases but does not escape the category of puzzles. The fact that the figures become monsters of a special spice to the challenge of the game.

Gameplay: 10
It is not necessary to express comments. Playability and fluid and precise answers.

General Note: 6.8
Should be given a teaspoon because it was the second title released by Warp died. The little game is cool and worth knowing, but for the most heavy users of the category, there are much better titles, but unfortunately not on the 3DO.

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