List of reviews posted to the forum

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List of reviews posted to the forum

Post by goldenband » Sun Aug 01, 2021 5:08 pm

I made a list for my own reference of the text-format reviews that have been posted to the forum. Rather than just leave it on my HD I thought I'd share it here.

As of now I haven't embedded links to the individual reviews, but they're easy enough to find. Some games/titles have gotten multiple reviews.

3DO GAMES: Decathlon (beta)
3DO Homebrew Pack #1
AD&D: Slayer
Alfred Hitchcock Presents ...
The Animals
Aqua World: Umibi Monogatari
Battle Chess
Battle Pinball
Blade Force
Bodyconscious Digital Rave Part 1
Bust-A-Move (Puzzle Bobble)
Captain Quazar
C.P.U. Bach
Cowboy Casino
Creature Shock
Crime Patrol
Demolition Man
Dennis Miller: That's News To Me
Digital Dreamware
Doctor Hauzer
Dragon Lore
Dragon's Lair
Escape From Monster Manor
ESPN Let's Play Tennis
ESPN Step Aerobics
The Eye of Typhoon
Flashback: The Quest for Identity
Foes of Ali
Guardian War
Hell: A Cyberpunk Thriller
IMSA Racing (M2)
The Incredible Machine
Insecter War
Iron Angel of the Apocalypse
Iron Angel of the Apocalypse: The Return
John Madden Football
Jurassic Park Interactive
Killing Time
Kingdom: The Far Reaches
The Life Stage: Virtual House
Lucienne's Quest
Mad Dog McCree
Montana Jones
Need for Speed, The (as part of a comparison of NFS '94 vs NFS '10)
Nice Body
Night Trap
Oceans Below
Off World Interceptor
Onside Soccer Beta
Out of This World (Another World)
Peter Frankl - Tower of Puzzle
Phoenix 3
Plumbers Don't Wear Ties
Powerslide Beta
Primal Rage
Psychic Detective
Putt-Putt Joins the Parade
Pyramid Intruder
Quarterback Attack with Mike Ditka
Real Pinball
Return Fire
Return Fire Maps O' Death
Road Rash
Robinson's Requiem
Sailor Moon
Saishou Racing Law (aka Keiba Saishou no Housoku)
Samurai Shodown
Sewer Shark
Shock Wave
Slam 'n Jam '95
Slope Style
Space Hulk
Space Pirates
Star Control II
Star Wars: Rebel Assault
Stellar 7: Draxon's Revenge
Taiketsu Rumiizu!
Total Eclipse
Twisted: The Game Show
Ultraman Powered
V Goal Soccer '96
Virtual Stadium Professional Baseball
Way of the Warrior
Wing Commander III
Winning Post
Wolfenstein 3D
Woody Woodpecker Vol. 1
Yu Yu Hakusho

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