Review - Dragon Lore

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Review - Dragon Lore

Post by T2KFreeker » Fri Sep 07, 2007 11:21 pm

Yay, Mindscape. Yeah, so if you have played any of the Mindscape games, you know that their attention to detail is insane to a degree. Reall, this sits fullout in the open with Dragon Lore. An adventure puzzle game for your 3DO system. You play as Werner and have now been told of your kineage as it is time and you are old enough to know now. You must free the lands from the tyrany that grips it and become one of the infamouse Dragon Knights as well. If you think this is an easy task, be prepared to be laughed at, Dragon Lore is far from an easy task to play through.
The game is easily one of the largest ones on the 3DO system weighing in at three discs. Yes, I know there are other muli disc games for the system, but most stopped at two and only a handful of them made it to three or four discs. The fun thing here too is that the multiple discs weren't just used to cram the game with live action FMV like some of the other games that released. The game instead uses CGU to tell it's story, and it all comes together rather well for the time that the game was released. Some people might look at the game these days and say that the games today look better, but depending on who you talk to, it is crap. I personally enjoy the simpler look to these older games as it wasn't all about flash, there was some nice things going on in these games.
Moving around in the game is somewhat reminiscent to MYST, although, this game is much more fun that the headache MYST was. For a point and click adventure, Dragon Lore can stand on it's own feet. There is combat to be had, interacting with people and objects, as well as casting spells. All of this is done rather easily as the controls are simple enough; Point the dragon clicker at what you want to interact/fight/cast spell at and there you go, you are off to the races! The game really is well put together and a pleasure to play.
Other small details like the sound effects, halfway deacent voice acting for a change, and outstanding sound effects also help to make the game pleasing to pop in and play. Not to say that Dragon Lore doesn't have it's problems though. Make sure that you keep your instruction book man, if you lose it, have fun casting spells, you'll need it. Also, some parts of the game seem to linger a little longer than they need to. Still, not an overall bad game and really a joy to play if you are in the mood. I do recommend the game to 3DO fans that want to track the game down as it is a bit of fun still left on the old 3DO system

Graphics: 7
Sound: 10
Controls: 9
Fun Factor: 7
Replay: 7
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Post by Lemmi » Sat Sep 08, 2007 2:15 am

i love this game, and it took me 10 years to finish :D

i was about 3 moves from the end of disc 2 in 1997 then i put it away for 10 years and beat it in 2007, lets just say it took just as long to beat the 3rd disc as it did to get though the first 2

this was the first game of this type i had ever played
i remember i had trouble with the dog like thing on the path near the werner house and the big flytrap plant

there are alot of interesting characters in the game and some weird tasks to perform like turning yourself small to get into some mushroom houses

you can go the way of good (which is the easiest) or the way of bad (which is the hardest, because you have to kill a few of the good guys who have to vote you into the Dragon Knights)

and if you want to see how it ends check youtube for the ending i posted :)
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