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Posted: Wed Jun 11, 2008 3:53 pm
by BryWI
BryWI wrote:MY launch day ps2 is still working great also. I just opned it up for the first time the other day to clear out dust and to clean the lens. It now works just like i got it on day 1 again.
It's still working lol.

Posted: Wed Jun 11, 2008 3:58 pm
by Trev
I am 0 for 2 :evil:

Posted: Wed Jun 11, 2008 10:23 pm
by 3DOKid
The PS2 was hit and miss. As was the PS1. My PS1 died. Which is shame because it had the expansion port in the back the later models didn't but my PS2 has soldiered on. My launch day machine is fine too. I was lucky apparently.

My PS1 was special (to me) because it was my launch day PS1. It worked, upside down, for a long while.

My 360 got repaired, after making errors on day 1, then died again. All that is waiting now is for Bill Gates to bend over, so I can shove it... Tra-la-la....

Rubbish, when the Xbox was so solid.

My DC needed a bit of greasing (dry cd runners) but still works a treat, as does my launch saturn. The only problem being that sega think CR2 batteries are free. Which they aren't.

And of cause - my 3DO works fine.

My Nintendo N64, GC and Wii, being made by an engineering company, obviously is made or Iron and steel and all that is reliable in the world. Never a problem.

My Jag, emblazoned with the logo "Made in America", has been well behaved too, and it's enjoyed a hammering.

My PS3 has been fine too.

Which reminds me. My FZ1 (boxed PAL version) say Fabrique en France. Where were the others made? Japan? China? USA? or France too?

(Obviously made back in the day when it was cheaper to manufacture stuff in Europe as anywhere else... days long since gone...)

Posted: Thu Jun 12, 2008 9:22 pm
by NikeX
XBox 360 - because of the quality. After one year: RoD.
That was it. Never bought it again. After repair I sold it.
It's unbelievable people still were with 360 after this scandal.
It is a new market behaviour - now with more obvious predetermined breaking points.
The people accept low quality. 360 - never again.

Posted: Thu Jun 12, 2008 11:05 pm
by 3DOKid
Some games on the 360 are brilliant - but I'm with you. Mines broken, and I'll not replace it. I don't see why I should.

Posted: Thu Jun 12, 2008 11:14 pm
by Trev
Your 360 didn't even make it a whole year did it 3DOKid?

Posted: Fri Jun 13, 2008 8:00 am
by 3DOKid
Mine had the classic "Please insert this disc into a Xbox 360" error. On day one. Despite the fact the disc was in an xbox 360, which was showing me the error.

Posted: Fri Jun 13, 2008 5:42 pm
by Beef Supreme
i got into gaming from the start , my first machine was the old pong only machine...which may still be int he attic , i haven't looked in a long time . but i'll do the list thing in order that i got them .

intellivision , can't complain , i loved bump n jump , burger time ,and utopia

atari 2600 , i still have it and about 100 cartridges with their boxes and instructions , it's got alot of hours on it , and despite most games are move your square towards another square it's still pretty fun .

atari 5200 , crap , i didn't have it long

atari 7800 , i didn't care for this one either , i also sold it soon after buying it

8 bit nes , could anyone be disappointed by the old 8 bit nintendo ? i lived on that thing thru the 80's , and still have it .

sega master system , i only had 2 or 3 games but it lost out to my 8 bit nintendo so i didn't play it much , somewhat of a disappointment , years later someone gave me another one and it got a few months of play . it's long since sold tho .

gameboy , fun but the green screen sucked big time , i remember having a ton of attachments just so i could see the screen , lights , a big magnifying glass , later i got the gameboy color which was almost as bad , after that i gave up on gameboys .

turbografx 16 , meh , it had some fun games , but the fact that you had to buy an attachment to attach a second controller really pissed me off . i'm going to go with 50/50 disappointment on this one .

sega genesis , no complaints here , i played the hell out of it and had a ton of games

super nintendo , by the time i got it it had been out for a while , i really wasn't impressed with most of the games but it's a good system and i won't say it was a disappointment .

atari lynx , huge , nowhere ever had games for it , and it ate thru batteries like crazy , i think the only game i ever had for it was batman returns , i wasn't impressed .

game gear , i actually liked game gear , tho it ate batteries almost as fast as the lynx did , so most of the time i would find an outlet and plug it in to play .

sega cd , i turned my attention back to sega and got the sega cd , loved it , the local funcoland had all the games under $5 so i loaded up , jurassic park and sonic cd ruled . tho there could have been many better games if they'd given it a chance

32x , i finally completed my giant sega add on tower , now my genesis was 2 feet tall . not really worth the money and ended too soon , but 32x doom , that dirtbike game , and the racing game were pretty fun , i was kinda disappointed .

neo geo . crap , pure crap , way over priced and all it played was expensive very very asian games that just wern't my thing , i sold it within the same month i got it . very very disappointed .

3do , i still have my goldstar and about 175 games ...disappointed ? hell no , i just wish it had kept going instead of having sony steal all the third party developers sending it to an early grave .

atari jaguar , wow 64 bit ! yeah right . i remember playing some horrible space ship game and some dumb game where you're a ninja trying to get chupa chup lolli pops before wondering why i bothered buying this system , the conrtollers were stupid big and frankly i thought the 3do played better , it sat in the closet for a long time before another friend bought it off me for $10 .

psx , i bought one just to see what had killed my beloved 3do , personally i thought the 3do had more power , and if more time had been spent on developing and the same games that came out on psx had hit 3do it would have been a much closer fight . i do still have my original psx up in a closet somewhere . it had some great games but i still liked the 3do better .

sega saturn , i actually liked the saturn better than the psx , but it was kind of a joint venture between my brother and myself , and he eventually wanted to sell it so i let it go .

n64 , loved it , i bought it the day it came out and had the local video game place mod it so i could play japanese games , i got wave racer and mario 64 when i bought the system and added many more to the collection . i actually still had my n64 up till a few months ago .

3do m2 ....need i say more ? i of course never had one , but i did pre order it , and when it never came out i never got my money back , so it was double disappointment there .

sega dreamcast , huge disappointment , i wasted a ton of money on that thing , and was so excited when it came out , it was a great system and had some really good games , then it was gone , tho i've been thinking about getting another one now that i see there's so much homebrew going on with it .

ps2 , i got 2 on the release date but only because i was working at circuit city , they ran out that day and i remember standing out infront of the store with one of em selling to the highest bidder $$$ , that was a good day . i kept the other one and actually still have it , tho it's been apart for home repairs a few times , mostly little stuff tho , but by the time i was getting tired of ps2 (which didn't take all that long) i was getting tired of the direction video games were heading .

then i pretty much stopped buying games , never bought an xbox , tho my brother had one and i wasn't impressed , i played it twice . gamecube didn't interest me in the slightest because the childish games nintendo was putting out no longer did anything for me ....mario sunshine ? ick . xbox 360 kind of interests me , i've been playing gta4 on my friends and that zombie game is pretty fun , but i still don't feel like shelling out the cash on it untill it gets cheaper . and we're up to ps3 ....up yours sony , $599 ? i payed that much for my 3do ...and the 3do actually has games i want to play , i hope for sonys sake they get some good games , because it seems to me ps3 is a $600 way to play first and third person shooters and crappy games loosly related to whatever crappy movie is out at the time . maybe it's just because i'm getting older or something but most new video games don't do it for me , i'm still waiting for something to come along that really excites me like those old systems did , but i'm not entirely sure that'll ever happen again . so now you know .

Posted: Fri Jun 13, 2008 7:24 pm
by 3DOKid
My view of the competitive world is normally one company doesn't kill another. Metaphorically even. Except maybe MS.

To say the 3DO was killed by the PSX. I dunno. Hawkins actually says the Saturn and the PSX killed the 3DO.

What really killed the 3DO was indeed 3DO.

- Under estimating the need for 3D during design.
- In sufficient funds. 3DO bought a few million marketing dollars, Sony, Sega and Nintendo bought billions.
- the M2. No-one was going to by a 3DO when Hawkins himself was scampering around selling it's sucessor.
- Too pricey. It wasn't in the end, but everyone assumed the 3DO was pricey. The Jaguar was very cheap too. Contrasted badly.
- Not enough of the types of games people wanted. Sega/Sony had the entire contents of the average 3D video arcade between them. Daytona, Sega Rally, Virtua Cop, Time crisis, Ridge Racer. 3DO had Space hulk, NFS and Road Rash. It was like a next gen Amiga really, where Sega/Sony were the future.

That's how I saw it. Even I believe the Saturn/PSX were better than my beloved 3DO.

The best you can say about 3DO is that Nintendo/Sega/Sony/MS between them, have held on to the same vision that Philips Cdi and 3DO had all those years ago.

The FZ1 was a Multimedia device like the PS3, 360, but played host to a lot of casual games and party games like the Wii.

3DOs biggest failing was being first. Those that followed just needed to avoid 3DO mistakes.

Posted: Sun Jun 15, 2008 11:45 pm
by mattyg
mmmmm......I agree - mostly
marketing dollars were a major factor initially for 3do but shouldn't have been for matsushita.
I sincerely believe that we didn't see a lot of the decent games for opera at the end due to pressure from matsushita to have them recoded for M2.
My understanding was that matsushita wanted games like wing 4 as M2 releases even though they were coded for opera to artificially inflate the number of M2 releases.MK3 I hear was delayed to become the pack in game for M2.
Operas hardware may not have built with 3d in mind but did have some tricks up its sleeve for those in the know as was indicated in the Auld interview posted recently.
I dont believe in bad hardware only bad programmers and management.