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I am going to swear

Posted: Fri Apr 24, 2009 10:55 pm
by 3DOKid
Don't read if foul lanuage offends.

Or indeed, you are an Apple Fanboy.

or worse, both.

Not all of it is shit, I hasten to add. The screen is nice. And i like the keyboard.

Right. Warnings over.

Fucking Apple Laptop is shit. After 4 months of ownership and wondering why my employer figured spending $4000USD on this piece of shit was a recession busting brain wave, I have this to say:

It's completely unreliable piece of crap. (The DVD drive is already dead)

The mouse? or the touchpad? It's complete over sensitive shit. Fiddly and and useless. Three fingers for this, two fingers for that, four fingers for the other. The only people with right to make these kind of demands are women, and a computer is not a woman. If it was, it would be the kind of woman I hate, and the kind of woman that after a short time would find herself on the wrong part of the rubbish-tip.

The OS? The much loved OSX (it just works!... huh? NO!) is the worst operating system in the world. Windows, despite it's enemies, is, in my honest opinion OK. Linux, despite it's rabid fanboys is alright, powerful but flaky.

OS X? Unintuitive shit. Nothing supports it.

- There is no software for the Apple. None-at-fucking-all. And what there is definitely inferior. Either it's buggy, or it's a half-arsed or both.

The interface is SO APPLE FANBOY TASTIC, it's counter intuitive. Just works? I'm a Macintosh? Fuck you. I can't find a window after I opened it. It's somewhere but where? Apple-key + H? What the fuck is or was wrong with CTRL+C and CTRL+V? Nothing that's what? Except Aplle cosks brains. And why can't I close a window by clicking in the top right? Oh no, that's Windows thinking! Fuck you Apple FANBOY TWAT, it's Amiga Workbench, Windows, GEM, Solaris thinking so why don't you just comply you twat?

That docking bar? Just a complete waste of fucking screen. Use more than three applications and it will just irritate you. Add to that the shitty touch-pad that locks-on and deletes like a schizophrenic murderer and your on your own way to the asylum.

Apple QuickTime is crap. VLC for the win.

iTunes? Fuck that shit. Drag and drop. Thank you.

The USB connectors, on this $4000 Apple ( that would not compete with a $700 ASUS or $1000 Sony or $800 Leveno) is too close to let you plug in two devices simultaneously. nice work in ergonomics. A big pat on the back for that genius of deisgn.

The battery? I've seen fruit flies enjoy more life expectancy.

USB device removal? OOOOH YOU REMOVED THAT DEVICE DANGOURSLY! FUCK YOU APPLE. MS can live with it, the entire Linux community can, so can fucking you.

This thing really is a door stop.

I really hate it. It is, honestly, useless. 4 months of daily usage, and I can't take anymore.

As a kid I wasted my youth on computers. Days indoors I spent.
I studied computers at college
I studied computers at university.
I worked in a IT role for 15 years.

I am an IT expert and I'm saying this Mac is a piece of crap.

Don't believe the hype. Buy a Netbook, stick Linux/Windows on it.


Posted: Sat Apr 25, 2009 1:55 pm
by BryWI
I think you let off a bunch of steam you have been saving there heh. Now you should make a youtube video with this script. Yelling and all. I would laugh. honest.

I got some i-net friends that are big on macs. I never understood it really. They both complain that the open source apps they find are crappy and most of even the good apps have their faults when compared to their windows counterparts.

I'll be honest I spent that much on a computer and everything else required about a year ago and I got a very nice machine that runs great and is still pretty current. It should last me quite a few years with a couple repairs here and there. If I payed that much and just got a piece of junk that frustrates me, I'd be pissed as hell. Which is where your rant comes in I suppose. lol.

Your rant kind of reminds me of this video too...

Posted: Sun Apr 26, 2009 10:12 pm
by UnholyTancred
This is hysterical. You sound like me <3

I hate Macs. I hate apple. But I especially hate the ignorant users who are Mac fanboys.

"lalz mac has no virus unlike windows zo_OMG!!!"

There are, obviously. There are viruses for all operating systems. It just so happens when you're using an OS that has less than 10% of a market share, hackers don't have the urge to spends lots and lots of time on a crippling virus only to infect a small amount of people.

What I really hate about Mac users is that they think they're Macs are upgradeable.

"lalz u put in big hard drive and dere u go upgrade ^_^"

Putting in a bigger hard drive is not an upgrade. You can't upgrade a Mac because you can only use parts that Apple produce.

"apple use high quality componets so it last longer than pc"

It's been well documented that they use slave labor in China. I doubt people working 15 hours a day for $10 a week and who get abused somehow produce hardware better than other vendors.

"lalz now wit a mac u can use mac n windows at the same time ^_^"

They created dozens and dozens of "Mac vs. PC" commercials (as if a Mac isn't a PC to begin with) ridiculing the PC for using Windows. Now all the sudden the Mac can use Windows too?


So what the fuck?

I don't like Windows but XP has the most amount of compatibility with everything that I need so I stick with it. I've been wanting to get into Linux but Linux hates me. I've tried Mandriva once and Ubuntu 3 times. Nothing but problems. Sudo can make me a sandwich but sudo can't install my sound card drivers. I wouldn't mind learning the intricacies of it as long as I can get some sound so I could listen to music to calm me down.

As for Macs?


Overpriced, inferior, pieces of junk.

Posted: Mon Apr 27, 2009 2:28 pm
by 3DOKid
i hate apple fanboys too. I work with a particularly virulent strain know as corporate fanboyz. You know what? I don't mind fanboys. In fact I fucking love them. Believe in something I say. But, the fanboys I hate are sheeple fanboys. Their opinion is not based on any fact. If people like their Apple. good for them. Really. What do I care? What I do care about is the rabid ignorance fanboys preaching to me like I cannot form my own opinion . People love Sega, Nintendo, Sony and the end of the day it's down to what you personally enjoy and love - and if you are willing to argue for it - all the better. What I hate, what I fucking loath, is this blind following of what is tantamount to nothing more than a slick advertising campaign. I know what folks are thinking, they're thinking 'errr 3DOkid aren't you a Sony fanboy? Aren't you guilty?' well fuck you. No. No I'm not. My fanboyism on games consoles is based on a logic I can fight for. The same with my politics, cars, women, life&death opinions is based on a irrefutable logic. You might not agree, but the baseline is LOGIC. THERE IS NO LOGIC behind loving an Apple.

The facts:

- They are bloody expensive. A decent PC will be a 3rd of the price for the same power.
- They are a closed system. It's all proprietary. What fucking use is that for a computer?

A computer is the most versatile tool since the bloody wheel or indeed fire? Fire would not have been quite so successful if it had been dependant on a particular type of wood or air to burn now would it? The same for the wheel. Sorry Mr Flintstone you can't use that wheel on this cart, as it's the wrong type of cart, you have to use an Apple Cart(tm) or the Printing Press. Sorry your words are not compatible with this printing press please use Apple Words based on Apple Language to use on Apple Print Press. No methinks not.

(And sure, yes, MS do this too but you know what the Internet's open standards are wearing them down too)

- You can achieve the same style/look/feel for free with Linux/PC combo
- They are unreliable.
- I'm trying to think of a positive - i really am. There isn't one. Really? I being reasonable. there isn't one logical defending excuse that I can feed to an apple fanboy.

- battery life is utter wank too.

What's the point of spending $4000 on a machine that is inferior in every single conceivable way?

It's tolerable with Linux on it but the USB sockets annoy me. The Touchpad makes me furious. Even the case has sharp edges that make it uncomfortable to lean against while you type.

Posted: Mon Apr 27, 2009 2:41 pm
by BryWI
3DOKid wrote:What I hate, what I fucking loath, is this blind following of what is tantamount to nothing more than a slick advertising campaign.
Those are words of wisdom. You couldn't of said it any better. If people blindly follow what they are told to make their opinion of what they like... majority of people would listen to trendy pop on the radio.... oh crap I think we are in trouble.

Posted: Mon Apr 27, 2009 5:12 pm
by PowerPie5000
I love Macs.... they are the best thing ever created :D

....I am joking by the way! the Macs of today are just big steamy piles of turd (painted white :lol: ).

Posted: Mon Apr 27, 2009 7:01 pm
by Devoid
There are viruses for all operating systems
Not Microsoft Bob!

Posted: Mon Apr 27, 2009 11:13 pm
by 3DO Experience

Posted: Tue Apr 28, 2009 1:34 am
by 3DOKid
Yeah but music is more emotional. You care or you don't. You feel an affinity based on any number of reasons. Music either touches you or it doesn't. It might be the absolute worst pile of corporate drivel, but if it reminds you of that special someone, or special place, or time or resonates with your heart -well...

Parting with 4 grand because you like the case or the style...? Makes you an idiot. With a computer or indeed a car or a food blender you can make an informed decision. based on logic. $4000.00 is a lot of money. I mean it's a lot to us - me and you. We are very lucky.

There are what 250,000,000 americans? About the same western europeans (ish) and about 170,000,000 Japanese plus a handful of rich minorities. not even a billion on a planet 6.5billion people. We are the gods sat on mount olympus, living in a paradise that some people sweat blood and tears and their life to get near -- for what? Fill the toilet once a day? Watch TV for 4 hours? Blow $4k on a piece of shit computer to browse for pictures of naked women. It's a fucking insult. You give $4k to some Chinese guy who just risked life and limb to get into Western Europe, some African dude who sailed to the coast of France in a wooden shit heap and tell him to buy a computer with it - what he's going to waste $4k on this piece of shit? no. it's illogical. It's just this kind of pathetic decadence that crushed Rome, the Czars, the Chinese Emperors and the Kings of France, and it's just a symbol of the weak minded fools that will drag this, our civilisation, to it's knees. No one cares. no one gives a toss. It starts with a sodding computer and ends with families, political leaders and our society. People don't think. Their cocks and their egos drive their decisions not their minds because they are so damned privileged to live on this holy mount, they don't have to care. That's what I hate. I hate this Apple PC because it's symbolic of the self centred-pissant-shit-brained world in which we live. All i hear, and all I've heard -- I hate fascists, I hate communists, I hate hippies, I hate Saddam Hussein, I hate the war in Iraq, I hate Boris Johnson, I hate jews, I hate CO2, I hate this, I hate that... why? Why? WHY? Because the dull witted nob-heads were told too - nothing more. They don't have opinions or logic, they have the words of the last advert / propaganda (in it's many guises) floating in their head and who cares after that? The magic word isn't "please", the magic word, the word that created this world in which we live is "why?" but you would never fucking guess by looking about.

Posted: Tue Apr 28, 2009 2:12 am
by 3DO Experience
Wow Kid, um... do they allow polygamy where you live?

Posted: Tue Apr 28, 2009 2:22 am
by UnholyTancred
3DO Experience wrote:Wow Kid, um... do they allow polygamy where you live?
You're gonna have to wait in line.

Posted: Tue Apr 28, 2009 9:42 am
by BryWI
More people do need to question "why?". But the world fell asleep long ago. They were lulled into a "trust us" trance by the powers that be and most will never wake up from it. It will take a major cover-up exsposed in order to make a lot of people realise that need to look at all sides of a story. Thats why I love to listen to the people with conspiracy theories. When you hear a different side to something, you start to wonder if what you are being told is the truth. Most people think that the conspiracy people are crazy, I think they are on to something most of the time.

Posted: Wed Apr 29, 2009 1:55 am
by mattyg
Take pity on me Kid for I have sinned

Yes I used to sell that shit :oops:

Smart enough never to buy :lol:

I have a Samsung touch phone because it does everything the iPhone wont
I want bluetooth transfer , I want MMS , I want video calling , I want speed dial , I want expandable memory

as I',ve said before gaffer an iTouch to a Nokia - its more functional

and makes a great paperweight

and ditto to everything everyone said !

bring on the conspiracy theories

bring on the asking "why"

Bring on polygamy

bring on that open source open architecture crap not that white shit at least ms gives us something to work with,tear apart and abuse as opposed to just abuse!

Posted: Thu Apr 30, 2009 11:08 pm
by BryWI
My friend found this hilarious video and i knew I had to post it in this thread. You will see what i mean. :) ... olutionary