Best gaming picture quality

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Best gaming picture quality

Post by 3DO Experience » Sun Mar 14, 2010 4:25 pm

I finally got a WEGA a little while ago. I plan on this being my last TV for gaming, since I can still use light guns on it. I was trying to find good VGA to YpBpR converters for some consoles like the Dreamcast, but then I thought what about SCART to RGB?


So question #1, if I connected a SCART cable into a US console that has it's own specific connector (DC, SEGAs, SNES-GC, ect.), could I then add on a SCART to RGB adapter and hook it up to my US TV and still have it all work correctly?

2. Do they make SCART switch boxes?

3. What consoles can you buy SCART cables for? I know DC and Saturn have them.

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