"Game On 2.0" exhibition in Australia

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"Game On 2.0" exhibition in Australia

Post by tinman » Sun Jul 04, 2010 12:27 am

Apologies if this has been mentioned elsewhere I did do a search but could find nothing related to it....

Yesterday (3rd July 2010) I went to the "Game On" exhibition at a local museum with my son. To summarize it is a practical exhibition of video games both arcade and home consoles (since Space War and Pong through to the Xbox 360) in which you can see and play them. Overall it was fairly good but a few points of note:
* There was NO 3DO in sight...shame :evil:
* About 2/3rds of the arcade games were operating. They had Donkey Kong, Space Invaders and Mrs Pac Man but they were switched off with a "Coming soon" sticker placed on the cabinet or lowboy.
* Sony was weeelllll represented with several PS2 games set up as were Xbox360. Considering these are fairly recent games and systems I thought it was pretty cheap.
* Got to play an Atari Jaguar which was a first for me. I know this probably seems like nothing considering that a few people on this forum have a symbiotic attachment to 3do and the Jag. Probably like Xbox360 (or any recent gen console) owners playing a 3do for the first time...I just don't get the appeal :?
* There was also no Sega Saturn represented, but they had some other niche consoles operating such as NEC FX and Neo Geo CD amongst others.
* There were 2 pachinko games and 4 pinball games (although one of the pinballs wasn't operating)
* There was this trippy virtual reality sphere thingy on wheels that you could get into with a pair of goggles and gun) and walk around and exterminate vermin in a virtual world..didn't have a go however, but you could see what was going on in the virtual world via a monitor displayed outside the sphere.

I was told off by security for being too rough with one of the uprights. The game...Track and Field by Konami. You know the one where you compete in a decathalon or whatever and the first test is a sprint against the AI and the only way to win is to bash the buttons at a rapid and furious rate. The same with the next event the long jump etc. I was informed that the upright was a "museum piece" and easily "breakable". Excuse me...how else do you play this game, and why for the love of God do you put this in a practical exhibit if it is soooo prized. :x
Curiously my son did enjoy playing "Mappy" on oneof the uprights.

Anyone in Australia or tourists that have seen the exhibit got any comments to make about it :?:

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