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Classic Gaming Expo - Anyone here going?

Posted: Wed May 09, 2007 5:31 am
by bitrate
How 'bout it? Anyone planning on going? I'm going, and it would be great to not be the only 3DO fan in attendance.

I am 100% going this time. I have tried to attend two times in the past and wound up not being able to go. I've already booked a room and pre-registered on the CGE website.

It's in Las Vegas this year :shock: 8) :wink:

July 28-29

Posted: Wed May 09, 2007 11:14 pm
by Devin
Probably not this year. I've been to three before (I think!) in 2002, 2003 and 2005. Good fun and lots of strange people :shock:

Posted: Thu Jul 12, 2007 11:29 pm
by OlderGames
I think I might go. :shock:

Posted: Fri Jul 13, 2007 1:17 am
by Mobius
Not going this year, but I am strongly considering going next year... Seems like it'd be a fun little vacation.

Posted: Mon Jul 23, 2007 1:11 am
by Gir Draxa
Not going this year, but probably will attend next year. Just time is lacking severely.