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For original xbox owners - ATTN -

Posted: Mon Feb 15, 2016 6:45 am
by Dr.Enceladus
Hi all, posted this on a few gamer sites now but the main reason im posting it here is, are there any capacitors like this one on the 3DO motherboard we should know about?

Do you or anyone you know still own an original xbox?

If you do, and you already know about the exploding acid for blood xenomorph motherboard destroying capacitor that needs to be removed and have fixed it,... then please ignor this post.

If you own an original xbox and you didn't know about the exploding acid for blood xenomorph motherboard destroying capacitor that needs to be removed, then you should listen up because i only just found out about this.
Ok, ok, the acid for blood xenomorph bit isn't really true, lols, but you still need to get onto this as soon as you can.

Click links for the seriousness.


11-17-2013 ... +capacitor


tl;dr version.
Never owned an xbox, yet still collected the odd 15 titles until 360 came out. Bought the 360 for Chromehounds and Ghostbusters in 2008.

Maybe five outta the original xbox games in the collection were not backward compatible with the 360 even after the update. Very sad face.

About eight months back i scored a modded one off the young part time lad i worked with on Saturdays, it had survived garage sales and a couple throw out attempts. I got him into Squad before he got a real job. Dude is currently still on my Steam friend list from EA and said he would never do forums, i get to say his mum is my age and she is stonking hot as!

hehehe, well, xbox boots with a custom wallpaper UI and i was finally able to play, for the first time in nearly forever, Gun Metal, Crazy Taxi 3, Battle Tech, Serious Sam 2 and Midway Arcade Treasures! Very happy face.

But!...none of this shit im telling you now would have happened if i had not found an abandoned xbox two weeks ago. I assumed at first it was broken. Cleaned it up, turn it on, awesome it works! Re-set date and time, save, bonus game already in the disc drive starts loading. Play game for two minutes, power down, add console to spot right next to the PS2, Saturn, 3DO and GameCube in my little console arcade man cave thing i got going...

Play Squad.

Couple of weeks later, i boot up the xbox, the darn date and time had re-set. Im thinking, must have a coin battery or something somewhere, like the Saturn does, but i find i google how to change the bastard and find out,


11-17-2013 ... +capacitor

So my dear fellow gamers, if you have an xbox stashed away in the attic or garage you were saving for that nostalgic game night with your mates, you need to find it and check the date of manufacture, If you loaned it to you're little brother, call him up and get the little rascal outta bed. If you have loaned it to the parents or grandparents, im not sure what to do there. ???

If the console was made before 2004, safely remove the capacitor, de-solder it from the back, clean the motherboard, put it back together and Kevin or Jim or Steve is your Uncle!

Your old xbox should live a long and happy life. Done the operation twice, only took me around fifteen mins each console...

My xbox - acid stain (RED) from leaking capacitor (YELLOW)

For 2004+ xbox's, Check link to find what version xbox motherboard you have, im reading these capacitors can't be removed without being replaced or no boot up? Once re-newed, monitor. Good luck!

Take the xbox apart vid.

Re: For original xbox owners - ATTN -

Posted: Thu Feb 18, 2016 2:37 am
by Lemmi
Thanks for this, mine right now has no trouble with keeping time or anything else, but im gonna open mine up soon to check out what motherboard version i have

with my luck i will have the one you have to replace the capacitor lol

Re: For original xbox owners - ATTN -

Posted: Thu Feb 18, 2016 11:47 am
by Dr.Enceladus
No worries mate, I think it says in one of those forums links, something about this darn capacitor being more of a major issue the less you use the machine and, how you've stored it when not being used. Either way, the capacitor needs watching. 8)

Re: For original xbox owners - ATTN -

Posted: Fri Feb 19, 2016 12:15 pm
by Dr.Enceladus
Alright fellas, here is my new set up v1. Its work in progress bros. The bottom pic took in the dark to get all three 3DO's lights going.
After i post that one here, im gonna post it on one of those UFO site's for shits n giggles, hehe.

Re: For original xbox owners - ATTN -

Posted: Thu Mar 10, 2016 12:39 pm
by Austin
Damnit! Yet another system that's going to need maintenance in the future. Why can't everything be built like a 2600 or a NES?

My XBOX has actually been giving me some random issues, but I think they are specifically drive related. I've heard they are a pain to crack open too--is this true? I'd eventually like to upgrade my hard drive since it's a modded system (just have the stock 8GB in there).

Re: For original xbox owners - ATTN -

Posted: Mon Mar 14, 2016 3:09 pm
by Kyosho
I haven't opened an original Xbox in about 10 years, but I don't remember it being particularly hard. Microsoft likes to build their RF shielding as an actual box with screws holding it together. So you open the outside plastic housing, and then inside it's a whole other metal box to open. Just, lots of screws. Torx screws. Two different sizes, IIRC. So get yourself a set of torx bits. Most hardware stores carry them now. Used to be you could only get them online. If you do buy online, you might as well get a tri-wing screwdriver for Nintendo's handhelds, and one of their gamebit/gambit security bits for opening Nintendo's consoles. Just in case you have to do maintenance on them, too.

Edit: You might find this handy. That site is great. Also there's disassembly videos for pretty much everything on Youtube. After looking at that, maybe it's only the 360 that has the box-within-a-box architecture.