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Post by 3DOKid » Sat Jun 07, 2008 7:34 am

As moderator, or as chief pirate in these parts these days, recent events are compelling me to speak out on the subject of profanity, and it's use on this forum. That's right, it's nagging away at me, and has been for a few days. :roll:

Since I'm supposed to be in charge, here goes!

So firstly: This is a public place. Your Mum, your Granny, your baby brother, nuns, the President, students, criminals, brain surgeons, Trip Hawkins, your boss etc., etc., can all visit here. It's not a private forum. It's like public room off of the high street.

Best to imagine it as a bus, going to a destination we all have a common interest in, and there is no limit, and no price on who can ride the bus.

Two facts of life:

1) People will be offended by profanity.

2) People will use profanity to grab other peoples attention.

This is not the middle-ages. I will not stone people to death for the use of profanity.

I am an Englishman, from England, and it is my firm belief that the use of strong language and profanity is a valid form of communication. That's right: Valid. Not least of all it adds emphasis but also its use defines who you are, and helps people, in a down to Earth, none pretentious way, to express feelings and genuine emotions. And in my honest opinion it works.

They are, at the end of the day, just words.

However, I am acutely aware (my parents are strict Christians) that this does not apply to everyone and I don't swear in front of them because it offends.


To people who swear: (Includes me) Be aware you will offend folk, and that's simply not nice. I leave it to your judgement to take the best cause of action. However, signs of lack of sensitivity, or gratuitous swearing, will result in deletes, edits and banning. I hope that is clear.

To people who don't like swearing: Be aware that people don't like to be told what they can and cannot do. Being chastised by a peer in public is humiliating and creates negative feeling. (However a recent event was probably down to lousy moderation by me -- there is no guide book!)

Ultimately, what I care about most, and read the following carefully.

I will not tolerate insensitive posts. And will edit or delete posts from now on that I feel are insensitive. If people have grievance about a post: The first action is to PM me.

Finally, just because it's the Internet folks, doesn't mean the people aren't real. and you happiness while on this forum is more important to me.

I love you all. :)

PS: I'll leave this unlocked, so we can debate, but it won't change my point of view, and so I can clarify this early morning ramble. The forum will continue to operate the same as it always has.[/b]

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Post by Trev » Sat Jun 07, 2008 1:47 pm

Thanks 3DOKid.

I try to be tolerant of what I call "light" foul language. Little swears as it were do not phase me a great deal, and I also try to consider the context in which they are said, as well as the frequency. (ex -dropping a swear while playing 'Plumbers don't wear ties' is okay :wink: )

However, things like he F-word, or sexually vulgar swears I have always found disgusting. My feelings on this will never change.

In over a year and a half on this forum only two instances have upset me enough to speak out. One was the rant of Oldergames, for which I offer no apologies. The other was a few days ago w/a current member for which I do.

I tried to diffuse my remarks w/humor, thinking that this would prevent any hard feelings (perhaps not the best habit of mine). In doing this I was imagining how I would react to the situation if our shoes were reversed. I see now though, how this could have been handled better. I should've sent a private message. It would have been the tactful thing to do. :oops:

So to the member in question, I regret posting the reply as I did. (hindsight is usually 20/20) Sorry. I have not seen you here on the forum in a few days, but I hope that we can continue friendly discussions w/no ill will. For my part, I will try not to be quite as sensitive. I also will try not to give the impression that I'm forcing my opinions on others.

3DOKid, I'm sorry for the role my small post might have played in forcing your hand to create new rules for this great forum. But I am sure they will benefit us all, as well as new members in the future.

Love remains in the air :)


So firstly: This is a public place. Your Mum, your Granny, your baby brother, nuns, the President, students, criminals, brain surgeons, Trip Hawkins, your boss etc., etc., can all visit here.
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Post by Lemmi » Sat Jun 07, 2008 3:57 pm

i try not to use swear words at all, but sometimes it just fits my rage at the time or its a game/company i loathe, and i try not to use the F word i mostly use the S word

atariage had a no swearing policy when i first started, but they have lightened up a bit, they still dont like it when you swear at people and call people names as it should be

heh i think i used the abbreviation POS just recently to describe my dislike for my HP printer .. lol
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Post by oldskool » Thu Dec 23, 2010 7:00 am


Haha just had to. Seriously though, agreed.

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Post by Calavera » Thu Jun 23, 2011 2:24 am

What the F:\ are you talking about!

Geddit? F prompt... I'm hilarious I know :twisted:

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Post by BryWI » Thu Jun 23, 2011 4:03 am

awww shit

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