Detana Twin Bee Deluxe for SS

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Detana Twin Bee Deluxe for SS

Post by nocturne » Tue Sep 16, 2008 6:54 am

Hi All

I just recently acquired Detana Twin Bee Deluxe for SS I'm a huge shooter fan and spend alot of time on the saturn for that purpose alone. Does anyone else have this one? Its got a completely new saturn Twin Bee, and the old pc engine title. I'm finding this really difficult to complete and i;m usually a star at schmups. Whats other peoples opinions? I think the constant vibrant colors are doing my head in, and it seems the oppositions attacks are like homing missiles after level 3. On top of that, once you lose a life it's virtually impossible to re-power up with a fighting chance. So theres my whinge, Am i the only truly sucky twin bee player?

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