3D Zero Compatibility

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3D Zero Compatibility

Post by tripletopper » Wed Apr 04, 2018 2:15 am

I have a 3D Zero device which lets you plug in SNES controllers and use them as a 3DO controller. It's the one with ONe SNES input, one daisy chain input, and one 3DO connector. I finally got around to testing it, and noticed 2 things.

1) I had the following daisy chained, starting from the main controller port on the system: A Goldstar 3DO controller, A 3D Zero with an Ascii SN Fight Stick plugged into the SNES port, and a Panasonic brand 3DO Fight stick. When I played a test game of PGA Tour 96, All three controllers worked well. The Goldstar controller player 1, the Ascii controlled player 2, and the Panasonic FIght controller payer 3. There were no errors

2) I just plugged in the 3D Zero and first tried the Ascii Fight stick only, and played Pataaank. The controls were randomly actuating like pressing right twice on the options screen and going from 1 player to 3 players with one joystick press and release. When the game started the game paused. and frequently paused over and over. I thought it was my joystick, so I tried a Nintendo brand SNES pad: exact same behavior. I tried a Goldstar 3DO controller, and it works right.

So here are a couple questions?

1) Is the Pataaank game a known incompatible game with the 3D Zero SNES adapter, or is it a problem with the 3D Zero device itself, or with the Pataaank disc itself? If it's a known incompatibility, are there other games that are known to be incompatible, or is Pataaank the only one?

2) I haven't noticed any problems with a Naki 3DO controller. If I were to pad-hack that for a fight stick PCB, would it work with pretty much anything that uses either a standard 3DO controller or a 6-button one? I would use a ToToTek PS2->3DO adapter, except it doesn't have a daisy chain port for extra controllers. Would this method work with Pataaank and other incompatible games?

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