Goldstar issues - not reading disc

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Goldstar issues - not reading disc

Post by mattyg » Sun Aug 16, 2009 4:06 pm

Well I bought an Australian release Goldstar recently as a spare parts donor as it was not working but was quite cheap - only $20.

I thought before trashing it for parts I'd give it a bash at fixing it. After thoroughly cleaning the ribbon cable contacts with isopropylene each function seemed to come back one by one. First the AV started working and I got picture , then the tray started to work , then with some major fiddling the disc started to spin - all looking good...right...well no.

The laser once it finishes its initial scan/run moves to the edge of the disc thus causing it to increase its revolutions and there it stays. It continually clicks backwards and forwards a short distance and the access light remains a solid green.Video output varies between a black screen and one of white noise , meanwhile the disc continues to spin at top speed until it is reset or powered off.

I have sourced a replacement laser from Cicon as the Goldstar uses the more common Sanyo sfc 93 unit , but am still wondering if this is the cause? - I'm open to suggestions Clive , Bitrate , 3DO Experience - all of the above? Anyone with technical background?
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