Help me better understand Opera file structure

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Help me better understand Opera file structure

Post by awbacon » Thu Dec 02, 2010 1:52 am if anyone has read the Killing Time beta comparison thread I made, you will read that the alpha 2.2 version Bitrate was so kind to upload and 3do experience signed is not loading in either freedo or on retail hardware. It gets so far as to the intro movie and freezes (in freedo) and never makes it past the game splash screen on retail hardware.

I've taken apart the iso, and went through the entire structure of the directories in the iso. The STREAM directory seems to contain the entire bulk of the actual data @ 640 or so megs of data.

I managed to extract all the audio data and listened to all that, but cannot for the life of me understand how, if possible, to look for the video data. I am working under the assumption that if I was to either a) remove the video file that keeps freezing or b) copy the alpha zstream file into the same directory as the 2.7 beta, and recompile the disc, it may be possible to bypass this error and have the alpha load.

So my question is as follows

1: When and if I change any files, what do I need to be using to recompile the raw data into an iso that I can then burn?

2: How, if at all, can I extract the video data. I've read the codec's are not readily available, but considering I am a filmmaker and am sitting on a vast collection of random codecs, perhaps something I have would allow me to view the files (or my father in law is a computer engineer, so I could always see what legacy drivers he has running around)

3: If I was to slip the alpha zstream into the beta (or even retail) file structure in the appropriate place, and then compile a disc, would I just be passing the freezing issue into the new disc I created?

I have only been playing with this for the last four hours (had to install windows on my mac just to take a crack at it) and managed to at least teach myself how to sign discs, take apart the iso into manageable files, and extract all the audio data. I just cant find any video files

and where is the actual game code stored? I am guessing in the zstream as well. I'd love to see if its just possible to swap out the game code into the beta or retail copies to see if that would work.

So there we have it...those are my questions. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me understand what I can do to make this damn alpha copy of Killing Time run

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