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Hosted disc images.

Post by 3DO Experience » Thu May 17, 2012 1:58 am

Icebreaker 2 : The re-release of 3DO's very first homebrew game!

Icebreaker 2 Bonus DVD : A special video from the creator, Andy Looney!

3DO Homebrew pack #1 : Technical previews found in the SDK with some mini games from Andy Looney's disc.
(Please note, the memory manager no longer works with the FZ-EM256 Memory Unit. That function broke when he copied it)

Rastersoft Invades the 3DO : This is the original RAR containing both the disc image and source files.

Need for Speed (Versus's speed hack)

Lucienne's Quest (Russian Translation) . (Requires 7-Zip)

Robinson's Requiem (French Translation)

Blue Forest Story Second Edition : Works on non-Japanese 3DOs but is still in Japanese.

Joypad Test v1.0 : Tests what buttons are being pressed for up to four controllers.

Killing Time alpha v2.2 : A signed ("encrypted") copy to work on your regular 3DO.

Killing Time beta v2.7 : A signed ("encrypted") copy to work on your regular 3DO.
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