AOL Chat Log with 3DO from 1995

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AOL Chat Log with 3DO from 1995

Post by 3DOKid » Sun Jun 03, 2012 8:20 pm

ChatLog from 3DO'sAOL chat with Hugh Martin - 10/25/95

I've formatted it to make it more readable. It's chat between AOL/3DO Fans and the 3DO company from way back in 1995. It's very interesting.

Neal3DO: I would like to welcome you all out to a very specialchatsession this evening...
Neal3DO: We are VERY luck to have the new President of 3DOwith us...
Neal3DO: Mr. Hugh Martin. Hugh will be using the screen name of "Guest3DO"...
Neal3DO: for this evening. Our buddy Mike (The3DOCo) will control the line for questions, and...
Neal3DO: we will be following protocol very stricly this evening, to allow everyone to participate...
Neal3DO: OK? Let's get right to it...Mike - who is up?

ErinFritz2 : ?

Johnny1138 : ?

CNazareth : people may panic and start covering their positions(ie:buying) and the whole thing could
CNazareth : snowball!

BGPSW : Hello Hugh

Mike3xDxO : Hi Hugh!

MKapul : ?

Johnny1138 : Welcome Hugh!

BGPSW : Panasonic Software Here

Guest3DO : HI guys.

BHunter270 : Hi Hugh

SSwieto : hi


Gregor7284 : hi

Stargamer1 : Hello, Hugh.

The3DOCo : O.k. We will start off with Ermac Wins, with Mike3 next!

Ermac Wins : With the impending release of M2, people might also want to upgrade3DOto a 4x CD Drive,
Ermac Wins : since, let's face it, 2x is slow, is there any wayexisting3DOowners might be able to do
Ermac Wins : this in the future, to really unlock all of the benefits of M2, and future upgrades?

Guest3DO : Matsushita is very excited about the idea of adding a 4x drive. This poses a number of problems...
Guest3DO : for the upgrade product. THey have a couple of tricks up their sleeve to solve them. Stay tuned.

Mike3xDxO : Please tell us what the deal means to us, you, Goldstar, and the gaming industry as a whole.

Neal3DO: a simple question..

Mike3xDxO : =)

Guest3DO : First, it validates our M2 technology. $100 million is an enourmous amount of money even for...
Guest3DO : a company like Matsushita. Second, it means that the M2 family will be MUCH more successfull than...
Guest3DO : Opera (current3DO). Why? Because 1, MEI has a lot more on the line with an up front investment.
Guest3DO : 2)3DOand MEI have learned a lot from the mistakes made with Opera.
Guest3DO : 3) Because of this learning and their investment, they are actively looking to license other hardware
Guest3DO : and software partners that will assure M2's success. Guest3DO : What it means to The3DOCo., is the freedom to aggressively build our business.
Guest3DO : We will use the $100 mil to 1) complete M2, 2) we have already started development of the technology..
Guest3DO : beyond M2 and we will need to continue working on it, 3) in our licensing discussions we discovered...
Guest3DO : tremdendous demand for M2 technology in the personal computer acceleration area and we will...
Guest3DO : be using some of the $100 mil to pursue that application and finally, we will be using the proceeds
Guest3DO : to aggressively build Studio3DO. This Studio growth will include internal growth as well as...
Guest3DO : looking at acquisitions.

Philip2b : ?


SUBZERO818 : Do you have a price or a release date?

Mike3xDxO : Thanks Hugh... =)

Guest3DO : Ooops - hold on

The3DOCo : Jive Baby is up .Zool Video is second with IG Dan third.

JiveBaby : What are your plans for the M2 in the arcade? ... it seems the M2 (with some more ram) can
JiveBaby : complete with anything else out.

Guest3DO : For Goldstar: as we are typing, they are actively negotiating for a sublicense from

Guest3DO : The great thing about M2 is that it is highly scalable. An arcade system might look like ...
Guest3DO : 8 megabytes of RAM, RGB direct out, a 150 mhz PPC 602, and a hard disk. Many companies
Guest3DO : are interested in producing such systems. The deal we announced today allows3DOto pursue those...
Guest3DO : companies in the United States. MEI has the exclusive rights to do this in Japan.
Guest3DO : MEI = Matsushita which uses the brand name Panasonic.

Mike3xDxO : ?

MNobilio : Wow!

Neal3DO: I'm sweating, just thinking about it!

The3DOCo : Me too!! : )

Ermac Wins : Calm down, Neal, showers just down the hall :)

JiveBaby : Sounds like the system will be cheap also (compared to Sega's model 2)
Guest3DO : The system I just spec'ed has been measured to have about 30% more performance than Sega's model 2...

Guest3DO : and costs about 80% less. Simply put – its awesome power with incredible capabilities.

JiveBaby : Thanks you! all of us have been waiting a long time for this information :)

The3DOCo : zool you are up!

Zool video : Why wait untill the fall? why not release m2 at the same time as u64? Wont m2 lose sales?

JGuest3DO : First, I've heard many rumors in Japan that

Nintendo's real release date will be Fall 96.

Guest3DO : But second, no one wants to release M2 until it will be a dynamite intro. Let me tell you what a...
Guest3DO : dynamite intro means. 1) 3-5 A+ titles that have arcade like brand recognition.
Guest3DO : 2) A well funded nationwide advertisingcampaign.
Guest3DO : 3) A distribution that is over 12,000 outlets nationwide.
Guest3DO : 4) At least 50,000 units in the channel. Ithink MEI has looked at when realistically all of this
Guest3DO : can be ready and they are conservatively predicting second half of 1996. The quality of the ...
Guest3DO : introduction will set the tone for the most important selling season which is Christmas. It isn't
Guest3DO : worth the risk to pick up an extra 3-5 months of selling during the summer which is the slowest time..
Guest3DO : of the year for this business.

Wnollie : ?


Jak1Crow : ?

Zool video : define well funded campaing?

JWnollie : ?

Mike3xDxO : What is 50,000 units in the channel?

JiveBaby : 50,000 units completed

Zool video : ?

Guest3DO : Well funded would be on the scale of what both Sony and Sega are doing right now and 50k units...
Guest3DO : in the channel means that 50,000 units are in retailers hands at launch.

Neal3DO : Mike - was that your question?

Mike3xDxO : No Sorry...

The3DOCo : IGDan is up!

IG Dan : In a press release yesterday, MEI stated that the earliest we will see M2 by is fall 1996.
IG Dan : This looks like it will hold true, so clearly you guys have enough time to develop the
IG Dan : Internet capabilities you mentioned in September. Will we see an Internet ready machine next
IG Dan : year?

Guest3DO : I can't comment specifically on MEI's plans, but the internet arena is an area that we are doing..
Guest3DO : active R&D and under the terms of the deal we are a licensed M2 peripheral provider. /ga

Wnollie : man, we have to wait till Christmas 96' to get an M2?

Brian3DO: Let's stick to protocol. Thank you

The3DOCo : The que is erinFritz2, Johnny1138 second and MKapul is third.

IG Dan : ?

ErinFritz2 : Now that the M2 descions are out of3DO'shands and the technology can be used with as MEI -
ErinFritz2 : pleases, this brings up some concerns about the specs. They could change the specs for
ErinFritz2 : their different product configurations. So can we still trust the specs that were released
ErinFritz2 : in May, such as downward compatibility, with Opera, etc and what will happen to the modem?
ErinFritz2 : oh, and what is this 4x cd rom talk? I thought that was a rumour by Game Fan.

Guest3DO : The absolute performance of M2 is dictated bythe custom silicon that we have delivered to MEI. ...
Guest3DO : Therefore, you can be sure that M2 will have the performance we have talked about. MEI has the...
Guest3DO : ability of course, to change things like how many control ports are on the front, whether there is...
Guest3DO : composite RF and S-Video out, etc. We have developed the technology for downward compatibility...
Guest3DO : however, there is a cost implication and whether MEI or other hardware licensees of theirs...
Guest3DO : include it is up to them. For instance, there is at least 1 potential hardware licensee that would..
Guest3DO : be considered a competitor and they are absolutely opposed to any compatibility with Opera (as you...
Guest3DO : might imagine). As I said earlier,3DOhas the freedom to develop and sell any and all types of ..
Guest3DO : peripherals like modems. /ga

ErinFritz2 : So are PCIMIA and Modem issues part of the M2 package?

Mike3xDxO : ?

CNazareth : ?

CaseyK24 : Whoa!! He said SEGA!!!

Johnny1138 : Hello Hugh. Thanks for joining us. How do you envision the3doCompany's technology impact on...
Johnny1138 : the world five years from now? Do you see a dedicated machine in every
Johnny1138 : home, tv, or stereo deck? What about U.S. West, Car navigation... etc. thanks.
Johnny1138 : How would compatibility be achieved with DVD?

Guest3DO : Thank you. This is fun stuff!
Guest3DO : The area we are most excited about is known as

Digital Video Disc (DVD).

Guest3DO : For those of you who are not familiar with DVD, this is a new high density cd-rom technology...
Guest3DO : conmbined with MPEG-2 that allows the playback of full length movies with 5.1 AC-3 audio all from...
Guest3DO : a single cd. To do this, DVD discs have 8 times the storage capacity of today's cds and 7 times...
Guest3DO : the transfer rate. Most analysts believe that this is the next great consumer product after the VCR.

Johnny1138 : Thanks.

Guest3DO : They are predicting installed bases of 15-20 million units within 5 years. Now the interesting..
Guest3DO : thing for3DOis that MEI is a leader in defining the DVD standards. In fact, they have the most...
Guest3DO : patents regarding DVD. So here are a couple of interesting numbers:

Johnny1138 : Wow!

CTurton : Do you have a digital video cartridge?

Johnny1138 : No.

ErinFritz2 : ?

The3DOCo : CTurton: Please observe protocol during the chat. Thank you! : )

Guest3DO : To add M2 to a DVD player would cost a manufacturer about $100. To add DVD to an M2 player would cost
Guest3DO : a manufacturer about $20. In either case the incremental cost to the consumer to have a combo...
Guest3DO : DVD & M2 player would be minimal. One of the problems the industry has with 32 bit technology...
Guest3DO : is that $300 is still a tough price point for true mass market (the combined total of Sega, Sony ..)
Guest3DO : and 3DO 32 bit machines sold this year in North America will be less than 1 million units).
Guest3DO : So, if we can make the consumers decision to pay only $100 more for their DVD player to get...
Guest3DO : interactive M2 it is like asking them to pay $99 for a genesis. MEI sees this opportunity and...
Guest3DO : also sees a way to differentiate their DVD players from the DVD competition. So like MEI did in....
Guest3DO : building the VHS standard, they are out right now working on getting M2 integrated into other hardware
Guest3DO : manufacturers DVD plans. Personally, I think this opportunity is far larger than the dedicated 32 bit
Guest3DO : game market. /ga

MMalle : ?


CTurton : ?

Keegan321 : ?

JP DeMarco : ?

Johnny1138 : I would call that a good answer :)

Guest3DO : glad you liked it Johnny.

CaseyK24 : We all liked it!

MKapul : Is fall 96 - M2 adapter or a stand-alone? What about DVD royalties? And, are you planning
MKapul : to sublicense PC, internet etc, or build and market HW yourselves?

Guest3DO : MEI announced today a standalone AND upgrade for 2nd half 96. We are not involved with DVD movie..
Guest3DO : royalties.
Guest3DO : Right now we are talking to PC board manufacturers, chip suppliers, and ASIC fabs.
Guest3DO : All types are interested in licensing M2 technology for the PC arena. We will have to decide whether
Guest3DO : we want to sell products directly, license technology or do a combo of both.
Guest3DO : The good news is that most companies feel that M2 far surpasses any other announced or planned 3D...
Guest3DO : chips for the PC. /ga

CTurton : ?

Mike3xDxO : (I know Brian is going to yell at me, but this chat is FAR BETTER than the one w/ Trip! )

GAMER7 : bestchatyet!

Ermac Wins : I second that notion, Mike!

CTurton : Me too

Gregor7284 : any M2 software anownced?

Ermac Wins : !

EdenHell : Warpigs

Ermac Wins : I think that Creative Labs should be the first to get privelages for a PC M2

MKapul : When do you think we'll here about the results?

The3DOCo : Philip2b is first, Drunk is second, and Mike is third.

Ermac Wins : Or Diamond (Their Edge card rules!)

The3DOCo : Ermac please wait until your turn. : )

Philip2b : I am ( on the net. I have 1 question and one comment.

Ermac Wins : Hey a "!" is a part of protocol!

Guest3DO : go ahead Philip - my fingers are waiting

Philip2b : First, Great programming job on K.T., guys!
Philip2b : second, What will3dodo to stem the tide from Sony, they will be releasing over 100 games
Philip2b : in the next 6 months, from great companies like e.a., c.d, Namco, Psygnosis,ect..
Philip2b : Now the M2 is great, but it's a year away, what do us owners of the m1 have forward to
Philip2b : looking forward in the next year?.

Guest3DO : Thanks Philip - I love playing KT myself.
Guest3DO : As of today, we have 244 titles released. Today as you pointed out, Killing Time hit stores. We have
Guest3DO : lots of hit titles still in store. Some of my personal favorites are coming like Captain Quazar,
Guest3DO : PO'ed, Foes Of Ali, PGA Tour, NHL 96, Cannon Fodder and Battlesport plus many many more...

Neal3DO : Primal Rage

Guest3DO : Plus... you own the only machine on the market place that is ready for 64 bit. Soon the world will realize
Guest3DO : that the Playstation and Saturn are 32 bit dead ends.

GAMER7 : ?

EEaves2260 : Anyone have KILLING TIME?

Gregor7284 : ?

Neal3DO : EEaves - let's stick to protocol :)

ErinFritz2 : ?
ErinFritz2 : !


The3DOCo : Guys. We are going to stop taking new questions in the que after Tekminator's. Thanks!! : )

CNazareth : AMEN

The3DOCo : Drunk, you are up, and Mike is next!

Philip2b : But that's not much to get the average joe. to buy a 3doinstead of a Playstation is it?

TEKMINATOR : What are your plans regarding Virtual Reality in3DO future?

DRUNKARDHU : What are the specifics of this agreement, and how does it affect Matsushitas status with....

The3DOCo : Tek. Please wait your turn! : )

Ermac Wins : (Why does Hugh suddenly sound like a dictator ready for wold domination?? "Soon, the world


Ermac Wins : will reliaze...")

The3DOCo : : )

DRUNKARDHU :3DO, and also how does it affect current and future hardware licensees?

Guest3DO : The agreement is 20 pages long but the basics are that MEI has licensed our M2 technology...
Guest3DO : exclusively for the consumer space. For this they have agreed to pay us a $100 million up front ...
Guest3DO : license fee plus additional royalties. MEI has the exclusive rights to use M2 in next generation...
Guest3DO : consumer and commercial products like 64 bit video games, DVD players and interactive TV set top boxes
Guest3DO : MEI has the right to sublicense the hardware and software technology and directly manage the 3rd party
Guest3DO : licensees. They are currently in discussions with several potential partner companies and are likely
Guest3DO : to expand the M2 alliance over the next year.
Guest3DO :3DOhas the rights to use M2 in Arcade , PC products, development systems and general computing
Guest3DO : products. That's the deal in a nutshell.

Philip2b : And tell the guys at studio3do, Killing Time was well worth the wait. Nice Job! Thanks.

Neal3DO : Philip - already did that ; ) DRUNKARDHU : YES IT WAS!!!!

ErinFritz2 : Ah, I have a comment, can i get it in before thechat is over?-----------

The3DOCo : ErinFritz: I wil call you before we end, promise! : )

ErinFritz2 : ok

DRUNKARDHU : So it will be a LOT like VHS?

The3DOCo : The que is Mike3, JWNollie, and then Tekminator.

Mike3xDxO : What we are all interested in is the games we will be playing on the M2. When will we see...
Mike3xDxO : Some REAL M2 games? 3rd Party, Studio3DO? At e3?

Guest3DO : There are over 15 titles in active development right now. Unfortunately these companies need...
Guest3DO : to get a software license from MEI so it is up to MEI to announce who they are. I say 'unfortunately'
Guest3DO : because that means we can't tell you who the developers are.
Guest3DO : We think that Studio3DOwill be the premiere M2 developer with 10 titles planned.

MMalle : wait did you miss me?

D5657 : killing time out yet?

CaseyK24 : CES?

Philip2b : Sorry, to interupt, but to those who care, its

Cleveland 0 Atlanta 0 going into the 3rd inn.

EdenHell : thanks

Mike3xDxO : What about the titles in NG?

Guest3DO : If the press wants to do the digging, that's fine, however,3DOcannot announce them. /ga

The3DOCo : JWNollie?

Neal3DO : going once...

Jak1Crow : have I been skipped or something?

Mike3xDxO : (Please don't make a Twisted 3 unless Cindy Crawford is in it... =) )

The3DOCo : the que is Tek first, Jak 1 second, and Zool third

TEKMINATOR : What are your plans regarding Virtual Reality in3DOfuture?

Guest3DO : Oh yes, you will definitely see games at E3.
Guest3DO : There are a lot of questions about true mass market VR like the 'hurl factor'. I have seen personally
Guest3DO : 1 person lose their lunch after 5 minutes in a headset. ANother issue is the social acceptability
Guest3DO : of sitting around in your living room with a headset on. However, 1 million polygons per second
Guest3DO : is more than enough to suspend disbelief in a virtual world.

TEKMINATOR : Will the M2 upgrade come with a game?

Neal3DO : It's Jak's turn now, Tek...

Jak1Crow : Sounds like you've written off the opera now:

Jak1Crow : what happeneed to the advertizing campaign, what happen to fighting Sony an Sega?

ErinFritz2 : you tell them Jak

Jak1Crow : and it also sounds like you've completely sold all responsibility for any future mistakes or
Jak1Crow : blame
Jak1Crow : by selling the rights to MEI they way you have
Jak1Crow :

Guest3DO : Whoah! We just talked about 244 titles for Opera and many more to come. However, I am as frustrated
Guest3DO : as you about the lack of advertising by our hardware partners. The bottom line is that the old
Guest3DO :3DObusiness model didn't work competing with companies like Sega & Sony that use the video game..
Guest3DO : business model. That's why we changed the waywe licensed M2. As I talked about before, MEI is now
Guest3DO : majorly on the hook to make their $100 million investment pay off. They now feel like they really
Guest3DO : own the technology. From everything that I have seen so far, MEI is out to stamp out Sony and win
Guest3DO : big in Interactive. That will be good consumers, software developers and3DO.

Jak1Crow : I'm sorry, LG and Panasonic can't stand up to Sony? I don't buy it

DRUNKARDHU : listen to what the man is saying...

The3DOCo : Zool is up!

Zool video : Who do you see as the target group for a m2 stand alone unit.What about asking us what
Zool video : we want in the m2.

Guest3DO : You are the target market (in marketing terms - males ages 16 to 34). We first listened to
Guest3DO : software developers and then talked to consumers like you extensively. Our customer service staff..
Guest3DO : has conducted chats discussing peripheral desires and also share weekly notes with the executive...
Guest3DO : staff as to what your hot ideas are. The feedback that we have gotten as we have shown M2 to ...
Guest3DO : hardware companies, competitors, software developers and consumers has been unanimous...
Guest3DO : WOW! If you have additional ideas, there still may be a chance for minor tweaks. Please keep putting
Guest3DO : your comments and suggestions in the folders right here on AOL. We really do listen to this info.
Guest3DO :

Mike3xDxO : You showed M2 to competitors?

The3DOCo : You guys are definitely getting your money's worth tonight! the que is IGDan first,

Guest3DO : Sharp cookies out here!

Philip2b : Whatever titles you guys release for the M2, don't release any new Putt Putt one's. Please.

IG Dan : The sole reason people will be interested in the M2 is purely for games. Can you guarantee
The3DOCo : CNazareth second and Erin third.

Guest3DO : Ah come on, don't you think Putt Putt goes to Saturn would be a good title? LOL!

SSwieto : my little brother likes them

Philip2b : Sorry, i could not resist:)

IG Dan : us that games are your number one priority?

CAY 924 : good question

Guest3DO : When we started with Opera, we thought the positioning should be a multi-media box. We have...
Guest3DO : definitely learned that GAMES ARE EVERYTHING. The Studio is now totally focused on delivering the..
Guest3DO : hottest game experience on the planet. Check out KT and Quazar and see if you agree.

Brian3DO: Let's stick to protocol. Thanks

IG Dan : Also, how can it technically be possible to deliver an upgrade that will make the Opera have

GAMER7 : if Sega doesn't do something Putt Putt may end up on Saturn

IG Dan : a Quad speed CD? If you guys want to maintain Opera compatibility, the M2 surely will have
IG Dan : to have a double speed drive.

Guest3DO : Dan, as I said earlier, MEI has a few tricks up their sleeve.

The3DOCo : CNazareth, you are up!

CNazareth : When can we expect to hear news on the arcade licensees from3DO. Second can we...
CNazareth : expect to see you on Lifestyle of the rich and Famous and third give youronlinereps a pat
CNazareth : on the back they do one heck of a job taking the heat out in the forums!

Guest3DO : As soon as we finalize arcade deals, we will be talking about them.
Guest3DO : Don't count on it anytime soon - I'm neither rich or famous.

Neal3DO : :::applause:::

Mike3xDxO : Heat? Who gives them heat?

MKapul : ?

The3DOCo : : )

Mike3xDxO : =)

Johnny1138 : LOL

CNazareth : Not you Mike:)

The3DOCo : hmmmm.......
The3DOCo : : )

Guest3DO : Neal - is this THE MIKE DELANEY?!

Mike3xDxO : Dugho!!!!!!!

Neal3DO : The very one I was telling you about...; )


The3DOCo : You guessed it!! : )

JiveBaby : Thanks Hugh!

Brian3DO: ROFL

CNazareth : Mike you've hit the big time1

Guest3DO : next question then I gotta run

Johnny1138 : Mike, you made your mark!

CaseyK24 : I guess it all paid off mike!

The3DOCo : MMalle is next with Tek second, and CTurton third.

CaseyK24 : Scarry isn't it :)

Mike3xDxO : But will it get me a job with3DO?

Guest3DO : it depends on how much grief you give Mike,Brian and Neal!

Brian3DO: From the Presidents mouth

The3DOCo : : )

Philip2b : Why was the3doversion of NHL 96 from E.A. put on the backburner?. It's now due in March.

MMalle : Will DVD be compatible with regular CD's, like the current3DOlibrary, also....I don't like

Jak1Crow : ?

The3DOCo : Guys, please stick to protocol!

MMalle : the fact that MEI is in the drivers seat. The only reason Im such a3DOsupporter is because
MMalle : of 3DO'sgreat customer relations
MMalle : And the fact that they are an American company!
MMalle :

Guest3DO : With the recent pact between the 2 DVD camps CD-ROM and CD-Audio are now part of the DVD standard so..
Guest3DO : there will be complete compatibility.
Guest3DO : last ? then trivia

Ermac Wins : Whoa, I didn't expect trivia tonight...

The3DOCo : Tek. you have the last question of the night!! : )

Gregor7284 : Does the winner get an M2?

ErinFritz2 : Was I skipped?

ErinFritz2 : l

CNazareth : Winner gets a job at3DO!

Ermac Wins : Winner gets a keg...

MNobilio : Trivia prize: $100 million...

Mike3xDxO : Wew Wew!!!!!

MKapul : Are you planning to add MPEG 2 to M2 before it is released? Sounds like you need it for DVD

Neal3DO : Gang - let's hold it together here at the end ; )

The3DOCo : Guys, we have run out of time for questions, sorry!!

Neal3DO : Trivia...

Curyman : Yes!

Brian3DO: I guess it's TRIVIA time

SSwieto : yeah

CNazareth : VERY informativechat

The3DOCo : TRIVIA!! : )

Mike3xDxO : October 1, 1993

Curyman : GreatCHAT!

Gregor7284 : kind of

Zool video : Best3dochatever

ErinFritz2 : Well, I was skipped.

Neal3DO : Let's say good bye to Hugh so he can get on his way....

Ermac Wins : Thischatis a lot better than most other ones.

Philip2b : Damn, last time i won a trivia contest from origin,but they never sent the prize.WC3 Poster

Ermac Wins : Trivia anwser: Anvil

MMalle : doesn't anyone agree with my feelings about3DO? :(

GAMER7 : GreatChat! We need an Encore!!!

Mike3xDxO : By Hugh, Ill send you my resume! =)

Johnny1138 : Later... and Thanks!

Curyman : Thanks Hugh!

IG Dan : See ya later Hugh!

MNobilio : Thanks Hugh! Great info!!

CAY 924 : Bye mr. pres.

The3DOCo : Philip2b- e-mail me your info., and I will see what I can do!!

CNazareth : Bye Hugh!

MKapul : Not bad!

Guest3DO : One final comment - I have really enjoyed this. If you guys have enjoyed this, I am happy to do it...

Guest3DO : more often. Thanks again. Hugh Martin.

MMalle : cya Hugh

DRUNKARDHU : Thanks, Hugh! Sounds like good things in store!

SSwieto : bye

CaseyK24 : Thanks alot Hugh!

Ermac Wins : Geeze, looks like I have to get on Mike & Neal's case EVEN MORE!!
Ermac Wins : Congradulations, Hugh, and thanks!

Mike3xDxO : =)

Philip2b : MMalle: What feelings?

Neal3DO : Thanks, Hugh

JiveBaby : congrats now you guys should take a vacation and spend some of that money :)

CaseyK24 : Definitely!

Guest3DO : go for trivia!

MMalle : in my question and statement above Justifier

WOOPIGS : Will Panasonic begin to post on this board and respond so that we know what's happening

Ermac Wins : Blow a mil on some beer for Friday...

Neal3DO : OK - let's do that trivia thang...

Philip2b : Thanks Hugh. It shows class responing to us owners.Something Sony does lack.

Neal3DO : The prize tonight is...

JiveBaby : KT!

Neal3DO : 2 titles from our "vault" - this includes ANY import title or US title we have in our..
Neal3DO : little hands ; )
MMalle : (hey it better not be a copy of Flying Nightmares and a tshirt)

CNazareth : An X-O-TRON

Ermac Wins : KT & Bladeofrce are eligble?

MMalle : :)

CAY 924 : YES!!

Johnny1138 : hmmm....

SSwieto : yea

Philip2b : But no Cowboy Casino like games, right?

Neal3DO : BladeForce is, we don't have KT in our vault yet...

ErinFritz2 : Trip Hawkings

Ermac Wins : ah, ok

Neal3DO : we're trying to get it out to customers ;)

Guest3DO : Curyman - do you really know my Dad?

Curyman : Yes I do. Worked with him last year, he's a real charactor.

Philip2b : Neal3do: Did you guys ever think about a frame rate add on for the3do?

ErinFritz2 : The question is....

Guest3DO : That he is!

SSwieto : cmon

Neal3DO : OK - this should be easy, so speed of fingers and connection to AOL might be the deciding factor :)

Ermac Wins : frame rate add on...??

Neal3DO : The question is..
Neal3DO : What was Hugh Martin's previous title to today?

Ermac Wins : VP

SSwieto : kt

Johnny1138 : CEO

Mike3xDxO : chairman

IG Dan : BladeForce

CNazareth : President

SSwieto : vp

ZachMeston : COO.

MMalle : Shoot

Zool video : president

IG Dan : COO

Keegan321 : Marketing director

MNobilio : Chief Operating officer

Curyman : Chief financial officer

CaseyK24 : VP of Accounting

Gregor7284 : janitor

DRUNKARDHU : whipping boy!

Mike3xDxO : chairman of the board

SSwieto : secretary

Ermac Wins : VP of PR

Jak1Crow : piss boy

Philip2b : Zdadnost?

Gregor7284 : window washer

CAY 924 : vp of software

Zool video :3doguest

Neal3DO : Zach, you lucky boy!

CaseyK24 : How many times did I read this today?

Ermac Wins : VP of QA

SSwieto : product supavisor

Mike3xDxO : vp of hardware dev

Johnny1138 : Cheid Operating Officer

Jak1Crow : maker of things

MMalle : Beer boy

Neal3DO : Just wanted to see who was paying attention to the press release ; )

CNazareth : President of hardware development

SSwieto : hardware developer

Ermac Wins : General cool guy

ZachMeston : Naw, I can't win...that's evil. Give it to someone else. :)

Guest3DO : some creative folks out here

Brian3DO: Ermac, that's my job (just don't tell Steve about the new title)

CaseyK24 : Chief accounting officer

ErinFritz2 : ok, and the second quesiton is....

Ermac Wins : :)

Jak1Crow : heh

Neal3DO : We'll go with two winners tonight..

GVRJ : cheif operating officer

Mike3xDxO : Yea!

SSwieto : cmon

Neal3DO : The next non-media person to give us the answer was MNobilio..

MNobilio : COOL!!

Guest3DO : congrats Mike.

MNobilio : Thanks!

Mike3xDxO : Cool Mike!

Neal3DO : and we'll take anonlinevote between "General Cool Guy" and "Whipping Boy" - vote now...

MNobilio : And hey, congrats on the new position!

Philip2b : Nice work MNobilio.

Ermac Wins : Good Job, Mike

The3DOCo : Please e-mail the3doco with your name address, and phone # , and I will send out your prizes

ZachMeston : Neal, can I trade in my prize for some hair-care advice from Nick Earl?

Guest3DO : Uh Neal, can I see you in my office. NOW!

Neal3DO : By all means, Zach LOL

SSwieto : whos other winner

MMalle : Ohh well I just hope the great customer support that

3DOdoesn't get lost with MEI's M2 owne

MMalle : ership

Brian3DO: Neal, Nice knowing you bud :-)

Neal3DO : Votes?

SSwieto : i win

Zool video : Is mei going to be in the3doare now?

Ermac Wins : (Playing "Taps")

Zool video : are=area

SSwieto : cool guy

Keegan321 : GCG

The3DOCo : That hurts!!

ZachMeston : Cool Whipping Boy.

Mike3xDxO : Cool Guy of coarse... (how the sucking up looking?) =)

The3DOCo : No, we will still have the3DOarea!! : )

Zool video : How many people here plan ti buy M2 stand alone units?

MMalle : Neal...anything happening with My game and T-shirt?

SSwieto : i voted first i should win also

Ermac Wins : Hey, Hugh, Let Neal out in time to update the Web tonight!

CaseyK24 : What M2??????

Neal3DO : OK, it looks like ERmac is the winner of the second prize..

MMalle : uhh and multiple questions?

Ermac Wins : ??

Neal3DO : Bill - send your info to Mike at The3DOCo and we'll get you your prize!
Neal3DO : Sean - we're trying to get ahold of the REturn Fire folks...
Neal3DO : Thanks Everybody!!

Mike3xDxO : Heck, can't we all be winners tonight? =)

Ermac Wins : "We all live on a Yellow Submarine :)"

CAY 924 : yeah!!

Neal3DO : See you here two weeks from now – nochaton Halloween!~!!

The3DOCo : Good night everyone!!

Neal3DO : Good Night!

Mike3xDxO : There are only 25 of us left!

SSwieto : yeah you got money

MMalle : Neal....don't worry about the Return fire...just give me a3DOshirt.

CNazareth : I hope the FZ1 and FZ10 upgrades are interchangable

ErinFritz2 : you guys staying around?

CAY 924 : good Night!

CNazareth : Good Night

Philip2b : Thanks for the time Neal.

Brian3DO: Night everyone

MNobilio : So IG Dan, any new info to go into IGOnline? :)

Neal3DO : No problem Philip - see you on the newsgroup...

GAMER7 : Night Johnboy

Neal3DO : I have to go eat some dinner...and then sleep..
Neal3DO : Thanks again, everyone!

Mike3xDxO : Goodnight JohnBoy...

MNobilio : Goodnight!!!

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Post by Trev » Sun Jun 03, 2012 9:25 pm

Will have to break this one up as my eyes started going screwy about half way through ... long read. :P It's funny to read talk of dvd being new, and other things that we take for granted now (like internet) being new for a console. I see at this point to, that backward compatibility was already nearing the chopping block. Good thing I plunked down for a 3DO, and didn't wait for the M2 to play 3DO titles. :wink:
Most wanted - Eye of Typhoon, 3DO Magazines issues #14 & #15, Pro Stadium, Defcon 5

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